#atozchallenge Reflections, 2022 Edition

Just to recap: all my words this year started with the prefix "in-" followed by the letter of the day. Here is my full word list:

I did something a little differently this year: rather than trying to write all my posts before April 1 and have them all waiting to be released in order as the month went on, I wrote them a day or two before they were due. I was surprised that it didn’t stress me out. Having the word list done ahead of time certainly helped. In fact, I’ve already got my theme and word list for next year. You’ll have to wait until next year’s theme reveal to find out what it is.

As of April 30, I had added eleven blogs to my Inoreader. I still have quite a few blogs to read and comment on (and potentially add to Inoreader), so if you aren’t on the list, I’ll get to you:

And, of course, all my regular readers who also participated in the Challenge, whose names are listed on my "Week That Was" posts on Sunday. You’re a big reason this is the highlight of my blogging year. I love you all.

Likewise, to the A to Z team:

  • Arlee, who started all of this twelve years ago, and who was one of the first people to comment here.
  • J, who’s the team captain and keeps us all moving and motivated and coordinates this yearly abecedarian effort.
  • Jayden, who actually understands how Google Forms works and does all the signup forms for the Challenge.
  • Zalka, who does the online chats and is an incredible blogger besides.
  • Anjela, our Rookie of the Year, who stepped into the enormous shoes of our late friend Jeremy and did all the graphics for the challenge, and didn’t have a whole lot of time to do it. I think you’ll agree that she did a spectacular job.

It is an honor, a privilege, and a pleasure to work with y’all. I mean that.

Congratulations to all of you who fought the good fight, ran the race, and kept the faith. Whether or not you did all 26 letters, we’re happy you were here. I hope that those of you who took the year off, or who wanted to see what this was all about before you tried it, will join us next year. I’ll be back to tell you about the Road Trip on the A to Z Challenge blog or the simulcast blog on the 16th, so stay tuned for that. Until then,

16 thoughts on “#atozchallenge Reflections, 2022 Edition

  1. I always enjoy your posts and your inventiveness come the A to Z. You amaze me at how prolific you are plus dedicated


  2. That’s a great system you had in place, John 🙂 Sounds very relaxing.


    1. Thanks… having a plan going in is always a good idea. That way you can make your way through the Q, X, and Z part of the alphabet.


  3. Wow, that was a great Reflections post! Have done the Challenge in a number of different ways and having all of my posts totally written ahead of time helped free me up for what limited visiting I did. I try to keep a balanced life to keep my wife happy and my own self content so I don’t manage to blog as much as I used to. Still I feel pretty good about this year.

    Thanks for all you did on the Challenge this year and in the past. The A to Z Team is the greatest!

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


  4. Hi – I was on a blog break and so I missed a lot of the A to Z posts – but will

    Have to check out a few of yours because it seems like such clever idea (and I did catch some of Paula’s eagles posts ! 🎶)


  5. It was super fun researching the Eagles and posting all those songs! Thanks for helping to facilitate the experience, John. I too have next year’s theme chosen. It should be enjoyable for peeps… hope so anyway 🙂

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