Five For Friday: Not In RRHOF, Part 1

"Harmless" Dave, who runs The Real Music Observer YouTube channel, made a video last night from an article he saw on the website called Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame: 100 Crucial Omissions. Turns out there’s a Part 2 as well. I thought it would be an interesting exercise to go through both lists over the coming weeks and months and play a song from each of the artists listed. Here are the first five artists just to get us started, along with what Best Classical Bands has to say about them.

  1. The Association, "Along Comes Mary": Their ballads “Cherish” and “Never My Love” are among the most played songs in history. And “Along Comes Mary” is another classic.
  2. Bad Company, "Can’t Get Enough": Singer Paul Rodgers should also be in for the band Free, but we’ll settle for these crunching blues-rockers.
  3. Badfinger, "No Matter What": They have a tragic story but such great songs—and Beatle-approved, too.
  4. Blood Sweat & Tears, "And When I Die": Along with Chicago, they kick-started the horn-rock genre of the late ’60s and early ’70s.
  5. Blue Öyster Cult, "Godzilla": Hard-rock meets prog with lots of pre-punk attitude.

I’ll do the next ten on the list on Monday for Monday’s Music Moves Me. That’s Five For Friday, May 6, 2022.

9 thoughts on “Five For Friday: Not In RRHOF, Part 1

  1. I enjoyed all of these and am a bit surprised they are not in the museum…weird when Dolly Parton is in despite her saying she shouldn’t be there.


    1. There are a number of good bands and solo performers that deserve to be part of the Hall of Fame. Another ten coming your way tomorrow. Stay tuned.


  2. For some reason, the cover picture and the sound of “The Association” reminded me of “The Beatles”


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