The Bouncy Castle Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by PowerHouse candy bars. Send for your Captain Video Identity Ring for two wrappers from 5 cent PowerHouse candy bars, or one wrapper from a 10 cent bar, and 10 cents.

The A to Z Challenge is now behind us, unless you plan on doing the road trip, which starts a week from tomorrow. I’ll have the details next week.

Things are getting back to normal here. I have a TV draft entry to finish (you’ll receive it later, Max) and the week to plan for, so be sure and stay tuned. Nothing big planned, but you never know.

Congratulations again to Mattea Roach, who I talked about on Thursday. She unfortunately lost on Friday’s Jeopardy!. I hope my talking about it didn’t jinx her…

I had one of those weeks where it seemed like everything stopped working at once. My left leg, the one I use to climb the stairs, was feeling a little weak, so I had to use my arms a little more to climb, and I think I hyperextended one in the process, so my shoulder was sore. Now, all of a sudden, they’re both doing better. Better, in fact, than before they both hurt. Naproxen sodium (Aleve) is the greatest.

I have a dentist appointment a week from Wednesday. It’ll be the first time I’ve been out of the house since my last dentist appointment in January. Mary tells me I haven’t missed a thing.

So that’s what’s new here. Time for…

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16 thoughts on “The Bouncy Castle Week That Was

  1. I am glad you are feeling better. I hurt my left shoulder and arm scraping the honey out of the jar….I’m not kidding. I know it was exacerbated by my sitting at the computer at work. There is not much going on in the world around our little corner but fresh air may feel nice. I forgot my tylenol 3 one day last week at work. At first, I thought I would be aok but, I was not. I was a total mess by the day’s end. Pain was beyond and I had a hard time talking. Sorry to hear the Canuck is done


    1. Tylenol 3 has codeine, right?

      I’ve heard of weird things happening like your shoulder and arm being pushed out of whack by doing some innocuous activity…


      1. Yes, due to my Ehlers- Danlos, my joints can easily be knocked out and then the tendons and muscles are sprained. Yes, codeine is in tylenol 3 and, if I don’t have it, I pay dearly. I know it’s not good for the liver but I truly can’t function without pain meds of this calibre. Today, I am in very bad pain and sleep was horrible


        1. That’s like me with naproxen sodium, i.e. Aleve (which you couldn’t even get in Canada twenty years ago; I used to bring it for a friend who lived in Toronto). I take three caplets twice a day, while the recommended dose is one a day. It keeps the pain away for me, and I don’t care what it’s doing to my liver. Heaven knows I did some pretty bad stuff to it for a number of years.


    1. I take 3 tablets twice a day. It’s a prescription dose, but I don’t have a prescription. My doctor says whatever it takes to kill the pain in my knees and elsewhere…

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        1. 550 mg? I take three of the nonprescription dose (220 mg). Much more than the recommended dose, which is fine if you stub your toe. And yes, it’s a wonder drug…

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