MMMM: Not In RRHOF, Part 2

Last Friday, I started a series prompted by this article on the BestClassicBands website, which lists 100 artists and bands that are not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (RRHOF) and, arguably, should be. I’m going to share names from this list on alternate Mondays here and on Fridays as part of Five For Friday, and when I’m done with that, there’s another list with a hundred more. To the best of my knowledge, none of these have even been considered. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on each as I go along.

  1. The Blues Project, "I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes": I learned about The Blues Project in high school while I was learning what I could about the band Blood Sweat & Tears. I learned a lot about playing lead guitar from listening to Danny Kalb and about the harmonica from listening to Steve Katz.

  2. Boston, "More Than A Feeling": Boston was huge during the mid- to late-’70’s and are played on AOR (album-oriented rock) stations to this day. They’re a big influence on hard rock, despite the fact that they’ve only issued six albums in their 47-year existence.

  3. Kate Bush, "Babooshka": Kate’s been around since the mid-’70’s as well. She hasn’t been as popular in the US, but I know many of you from the UK are big fans of hers. She was the first woman in the UK to have a #1 song that was written by her, and all of her albums have been in the Top Ten there.

  4. Jerry Butler, "Only The Strong Survive": Jerry’s from Chicago and a former member of The Impressions, a group fronted by Curtis Mayfield. He has a remarkable voice and has been popular on the R&B charts for many years.

  5. Glen Campbell, "Try A Little Kindness": Glen was a member of The Wrecking Crew, a group of elite Los Angeles session musicians, and played on many records by The Beach Boys and The Monkees, as well as many others. I knew a guy in high school who worshipped Glen, and I can understand why now.

  6. Canned Heat, "Rollin’ and Tumblin’": Another band that was a big influence on me during my blues days. I learned a lot by listening to Al "Blind Owl" Wilson, the nerdy guy with glasses who you don’t see until about halfway through here.

  7. Captain Beefheart, "Upon The My O My": Not exactly the most popular act, more of a cult favorite, but an influence on experimental rockers.

  8. The Carpenters, "We’ve Only Just Begun": While not exacly a rock act, Karen and Richard dominated the Top 40 during the ’70’s. Karen was trending on Twitter yesterday when someone asked "Name a singer with the most beautiful voice ever." She was also a hell of a drummer and could play the bass as well.

  9. Harry Chapin, "Taxi": I remember the first time I heard "Taxi." I came home from school one afternoon and put the radio on, and it was the first full song that played. I just sat there and listened… He wasn’t just singing a song, he was telling a story. He did that maybe better than anyone.

  10. Chubby Checker, "The Twist": Now, come on… if there’s one person on this list who deserves to be in the RRHOF, it’s Chubby Checker. He taught us how to dance to rock & roll with "The Twist" and "Pony Time."

Which of these artists would you most like to see in the RRHOF?

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23 thoughts on “MMMM: Not In RRHOF, Part 2

  1. A nice blend of “I knew this” and “I didn’t know this”. Of the songs/artists I didn’t know, Blues Project’s entry was my favorite. I had heard of Captain Beefheart but this was the first song I’ve heard. I liked it. I am shocked that The Carpenters aren’t in the Hall. Harry Chapin, too, although maybe they thought he was a bit too story-tellingish? Well, if they can put Dolly Parton in the Hall (no disrespect meant, she is a fantastic artist and philanthropist but her preferred genre isn’t rock) they can put Harry Chapin in there, too. Alana ramblinwitham


    1. I understand that groups like America and The Carpenters were soft rock, but they were very popular and contributed a lot to music in the ’70’s. If the Hall has room for all these rap artists, they have room for the soft rockers/yacht rockers, and if they added Dolly Parton to add more women (which she tried turning down initially), they can include Karen Carpenter. And Harry Chapin belongs because he was unique, a storyteller…


  2. A wonderful playlist. I remember the Twist. I loved that song and loved doing the twist. We’ve only Just Begun was a favorite of mine too.

    Thank you for co-hosting this month.

    Have a fabulous day and week filled with wonderful music. 🙂


  3. I’m in shock that Chubby Checker is not in RRFAME. I’m also surprised that Boston isn’t in either. What is one supposed to do to be in that museum? That chicky bird from England is one strange nut…I guess she is a performance artist. These songs are all so great…except the chicky bird:)


    1. We’re all baffled as to what someone has to do to get nominated to get in (the actual selection is by popular vote). Chubby and Boston seem to be the favorites of this group (how do you even run an institution called the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame without Chubby Checker being in the inaugural class?).


  4. Harry Chapin. I had the pleasure of seeing him in concert at my high school in 1975. Harry lived in Huntington, NY, and lived to do concerts at nearby schools. The cost of admission to the concert was a donation to a food bank. I saw him in concert at Hecksher Park in Huntington, where he autographed a frisbee for me and kissed me … wish I had a camera that day. Saw him perform in a theater in Schenectady, NY. And I was in Eisenhower Park, East Meadow, NY, at what is now known as the Harry Chapin Lakeside Theater, the night that Harry died. There’s still a spot on the Long Island Expressway that triggers memories.


    1. He was a pretty amazing guy. I was at work the day he died, and my manager and his wife were huge Harry Chapin fans. He said she called him in tears. He wasn’t much good the rest of the day, either…


  5. All I remember about Kate Bush is her performance of “Them Heavy People” on SNL, where she did this goofy bowling pantomime as she sang the words, “Rolling the ball, rolling the ball…”. It became a running gag between my friend Darryl and me for years afterward.


  6. John,

    I don’t know what the criteria is for a band to get inducted to the RRHOF and I’m surprised that some of these haven’t made the list yet. I think of these I would have to vote for Chubby Checker. The “Twist” is an iconic rock song which really gets you to your feet. What a fun oldie! Boston is a close runner up. I will look forward to your next set of artists who haven’t been placed in the RRHOF playlist. Thanks for sharing the dance floor with the 4M gang this week and for being this month’s honorary co-host, my friend. Have a boogietastic week!


    1. I have no idea who nominates people for the RRHOF, but I can’t imagine them not nominating Chubby. He’s really what rock & roll is all about: fun to dance to…


  7. Boston. I remember the band being popular, but have no idea why they aren’t in the RRHOF. Of course I may have answered my own query, album rock seems like an old-fashioned thing.


  8. A great list of great musicians, love Kate Bush but also every one on the list!
    Canned Heat a great group , I love Rollin’ and Tumblin’ here is my favourite version by Jeff Beck featuring Imogen Heap.


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