Song of the Day: Fred Astaire & Eleanor Powell, “Begin The Beguine”

Dancer Fred Astaire was born on this day in 1899. In this clip, from the movie Broadway Melody of 1940, he and Eleanor Powell dance to Cole Porter’s "Begin The Beguine."

12 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Fred Astaire & Eleanor Powell, “Begin The Beguine”

  1. This is an epic dance by 2 of the world’s greatest. He was 41 at the time! They had great professional respect for each other and would rehearse for hours forgettingvthe piano player was tuckered out.
    I bet he loved Eleanor as much as Rita Hayworth but likec2 scientists figuring out a math problem
    I wish Eleanor Powell was more well known. She died too young in my opinion


    1. Astaire was an incredible dancer, regardless of who his partner was, but Eleanor Powell brought out his best, I think. Rita Hayworth is my favorite, though…


    1. They weren’t pushing an agenda or making any major statements, they were just simple stories that got you from one song or dance number to the next. That’s what movies are all about, entertainment.

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