Song of the Day: Linda Ronstadt, “Anyone Who Had A Heart”

Composer Burt Bacharach celebrates his 94th birthday today. One of the great American composers, on a par with Henry Mancini, Cole Porter, and others, his most famous songs were written with lyricist Hal David and were initially recorded by Dionne Warwick. "Anyone Who Had A Heart" is one of the first examples of polyrhythms being used in a popular song, as the song switches between 4/4 and 5/4 time, with a bar of 7/8 toward the end of the verse. Linda Ronstadt did an excellent version of this on her 1993 album Winter Light. Here she performs it live, from 1994.

14 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Linda Ronstadt, “Anyone Who Had A Heart”

  1. Linda is in my top twenty artists. I think she might have been losing her voice by now some. Sad. She has Parkinson’s like my dad. Let’s see: Bonnie Rait, Emmy Lou, Dolly, and Linda, Eagles, Bob Seger, quite a few country artists. I like lots of old blues singers, lots of rock. That’s why I like your blog. You play so many styles of music. Very cool. She did pretty good here.


    1. Linda retired a couple of years ago, when she realized she couldn’t sing and was going to have trouble talking after a while. She had a fantastic voice, and she did rock, folk, country, Latin, and Big Band music.

      Thanks! I try to mix it up whenever possible. I’ve been doing radio station surveys for a while, more because I want to hear the music again, or in some cases for the first time.


  2. She did a great version and I love Linda. I had to go to YouTube to see it. I listened to Dionne sing it and, I was shocked that I liked that one a bit better.


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