Song of the Day: J. Geils Band, “Whammer Jammer”

Harmonicist Richard Salwitz, better known as "Magic Dick," celebrates his 77th birthday today. Critic Dave Marsh describes him as "maybe the best White musician to ever play blues harmonica." He first came to prominence with the J. Geils Band in the 1970’s, with whom he also played trumpet and saxophone. "Whammer Jammer" was his showcase number; this performance is from their 1972 live album "Live" "Full House".

11 thoughts on “Song of the Day: J. Geils Band, “Whammer Jammer”

  1. This reminds me why I never liked this band. Just not my preferred style of music to listen to. Never owned a single one of their albums and not sure if I ever listened to one in its entirety. But they did have talent–that I will acknowledge.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. Their early albums were pretty much straight ahead Chicago-style blues. Their later albums deviated from that. I liked them in their blues period…


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