E. M.’s Sunday Ramble No. 24 #em-srp

E. M. has an interesting situation against which today’s Sunday Ramble questions are based.

In your dream, you are standing at a T in the road. You have to choose which way to go (backward, forward, left, and right). Behind you is something you fear. In front of you is an obvious destiny. To the left is something you really want. To the right is something you really need.

Here is the T in the road:

It took me a while to see the question. Here’s the problem I had: I’m on the road where the red car is. I’m assuming that I’m facing the intersection. Now, if behind me there’s something I fear, and in front of me is my obvious destiny, then to reach my obvious destiny I would drive through the intersection, off the road, into the trees and bushes on the other side. Not good. But let’s go with that, anyway. Turning left brings me to something I want, and right brings me to something I need. Here we go…

What is the fear behind you? What it always is: a monster intent on biting me in the butt, or someone chasing me to grab my butt. I’m serious about that.

What is the obvious destiny in front of you? A collision with a tree.

Would you choose to go back where you came from if the path would bring more good than bad? I’d want to turn left or right, rather than going back the way I came.

If going forward had a negative consequence on your path, would you consider going forward if it was the path with the most reward than the other directions? Obviously, I don’t want to drive into the field and collide with anything there. I can’t see anything good coming from that, so that’s out. I know if I go back the way I came, the monster is going to catch me and bite me in the butt. I would be more inclined to go the right or the left.

After final consideration of all of the paths, which way did you go, and why? To the right, on the path that takes me to something I need. I’m not sure what that is, but I’d totally want it.

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10 thoughts on “E. M.’s Sunday Ramble No. 24 #em-srp

  1. I love your answers and how true that our destiny lands us in a deep ditch after going through bushes etc… in my dream, I have either Godzilla, Dracula or aliens who gave taken our form chasing me. I’d never go vack because that’s the past. I agree, what I need is also what I want..unless it’s a spanking. I would not like that


  2. I loved how you explained everything and your decision to go for what you need. I hope the monster behind you finds another butt to bite! It’s hard to go forward when you are afraid to collide with obstacles 🙂 Thanks for rambling with me, John.


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