Top Ten Tuesday: WHK (1420 AM, Cleveland, Ohio), 5/15/61

WHK is the first radio station to broadcast in Ohio, starting as an exprerimental station in 1922, and is the 15th oldest station in the US. Except for a brief period in the early 2000’s, they’ve always used those call letters. Currently they broadcast a news-talk format ("The Answer") on 1420 AM and 102.5 FM. They were a Top 40 station from 1958 to 1967, when they changed formats under pressure from WIXY, which started broadcasting Top 40 in 1966. Here’s their Top Ten from May 15, 1961.

  1. The Paris Sisters, “Be My Boy”
  2. Al Caiola, “Bonanza”
  3. Eddie Harris, “Exodus”
  4. Neil Sedaka, “Little Devil”
  5. Marcy Joe, “Ronnie”
  6. The Fleetwoods, “Tragedy”
  7. The Frogmen, “Underwater”
  8. Andy Stewart, “A Scottish Soldier”
  9. Roy Orbison, “Running Scared”
  10. Ricky Nelson, “Travelin’ Man”

And that’s Top Ten Tuesday for May 17, 2022.

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: WHK (1420 AM, Cleveland, Ohio), 5/15/61

    1. I knew several, but only because I was familiar with “Bonanza” the TV show and “Exodus” the movie, and had heard Andy Stewart before. The others I don’t think I had ever heard.

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  1. That’s neat that they are still around. I love Bonanza and am surprised they are on the list. I’m actually watching the shows and love them!!
    I also just love Roy Orbison and this is one of my favourite songs. A fun list for a Tuesday


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