It’s Perfectly Clear #socs

Getting a clear picture on the TV was alwys a problem until stations went digital. Before then, you’d get a fuzzy picture without an antenna, and even if you were using "rabbit ears" it might still be fuzzy if there were a lot of tall buildings in the way of the antenna. Channel 7 in Chicago used to come in fuzzy all the time until they moved their antenna to the John Hancock Building in Chicago, and a few years later they worked off an antenna on the top of the Sears Tower (which has some other name now, but that’s what people in Chicago still call it).

When Mary and I first signed the mortgage on this house, she said "now we’ll be in debt for the rest of our lives." A few years ago, we paid off the mortgage and now own the house free and clear. That’s a good feeling.

I thought this would be an easy assignment. Clearly, I was wrong…

Linda hosts Stream of Consciousness Saturday every week. All the rules are at her place. Now a word from Johnson Wax, makers of new formula Klear floor wax, with the shimmering new deep look shine.

20 thoughts on “It’s Perfectly Clear #socs

  1. I paid off my mortgage too, just recently which is a good feeling. How I remember the fuzziness, the line that kept moving up, the snow. We thought we were so modern when we got one of those antennas that moved around if you moved a separate dial. I knew where all the stations came in best and Channel 2, out of Buffalo, was always on the opposite side of 7 and 4. I would turn that big dial and I could hear it move. What fun times. I actually only got cable when I moved into my home back in July 1999. I still call that tower the Sears tower too.


  2. Foil on the rabbit ears worked wonders most of the time. I also vaguely remember a wire that we ran to the window in some instances to try and catch a better signal.


    1. I use that sometimes with my radios. There’s a long wire that clamps onto the antenna of the radio that you can then run out the window or suspend from the ceiling. It’s called, oddly enough, a longwire…

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  3. Seems like there was a time or two when I could only get a clear picture when touching the antenna. Paying off a mortgage is one of the best feelings in the world.


    1. That’s because when you touch the antenna, you become a part of it.

      And yes, not having a mortgage payment due every month is great. The bad thing is that the bank no longer keeps an escrow account to pay taxes and homeowner’s insurance, so I have to be the one to take care of it. No worries, though…


    1. It certainly is. We could probably get a better picture if we used a roof antenna (or an attic one), but we’re happy with what we have. We should have had that done really early on, but …

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    1. It sure is. We were actually in a position to pay off the mortgage a few years earlier, but by then most of the payment was going to pay the house, so we held off.


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