MMMM: Not In RRHOF, Part 5

Once again, bands and artists who have been left off the ballot for The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, as determined by The comments after each band’s name are from BCB as well.

  1. Delaney and Bonnie, “Only You Know And I Know”: The husband-and-wife duo’s soul-rock revue at various times included Duane Allman, Gregg Allman, George Harrison, Leon Russell, Bobby Whitlock, Dave Mason, Rita Coolidge, King Curtis, and, oh yeah, Eric Clapton.
  2. Lee Dorsey, “Working In The Coal Mine”: The great New Orleans R&B hitmaker. Induct him for “Working in the Coal Mine” alone.
  3. Emerson, Lake and Palmer, “Nut Rocker”: Prog-rock virtuosity and over-the-top showmanship all condensed into a powerful little package.
  4. Fairport Convention, “The Devil In The Kitchen (Fiddlestix)”: Two words: Richard Thompson. Two more: Sandy Denny. No other band defined English folk-rock like Fairport.
  5. Marianne Faithfull, “Broken English”: From Stones-associated chanteuse she reinvented herself as world-weary interpreter of the first order.
  6. Flying Burrito Brothers, “Wild Horses”: One of the seminal country-rock bands. Criminally overlooked.
  7. Foreigner, “Double Vision”: Few mainstream arena-rock bands were bigger in the late ’70s/’80s, and anthems like “Hot Blooded” and “Cold as Ice” are emblematic of that era’s radio-friendly mindset.
  8. Peter Frampton, “Do You Feel Like We Do”: Beside creating one of the best-selling albums ever (Frampton Comes Alive), he’s a monster guitarist and engaging showman.
  9. J. Geils Band, “Freeze Frame”: Killer live band fronted by the dynamic Peter Wolf. In their heyday they were always the best show in town. Hits included “Centerfold” and “Love Stinks.”
  10. Lesley Gore, “You Don’t Own Me”: “It’s My Party,” “You Don’t Own Me” and so many more hits. She was every teenage girl’s BFF in the ’60s.

And that’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for May 23, 2022.

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14 thoughts on “MMMM: Not In RRHOF, Part 5

  1. The things I learn from these kinds of playlists. First, the name of that Emerson, Lake and Palmer song, which I never knew. Second, the fun fact that although Mick Jagger and Keith Richards wrote “Wild Horses”,we are listening to the original as the Flying Burrito Brothers released their recording months before the Stones did. So,the Rolling Stones ended up covering their own song. There certainly are a lot of deserving artists that never made the Hall, for sure. Alana ramblinwitham


  2. Every time I am flabbergasted thst dome of these legends are not in like Emerson, Lake & Palmer. I love that last song too.


  3. Excellent set today. Fairport Convention is new to me but I will be looking them up soon. Delaney and Bonnie is one of those groups that just slips out of our memory and when we hear them we realize just how tight their sound really was. Well done.


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