Share Your World For 23 May 2022

Melanie has the questions, I have the GIF’s. Here we go…

If you could be best friends with a celebrity, who would it be? Since I just spent the weekend binge-watching The Unicorn, Walton Goggins.

What is, or should be, the main purpose of law? Apparently, to make lawmakers and their cronies rich and to buy votes from the electorate. It should be "to protect the rights and lives of decent citizens," like it used to say at the beginning of The Green Hornet.

Al Hirt was a hell of a trumpet player. Just thought I’d mention it. My dad, who died during the series’s only season, heard Hirt play the theme and said "Al Hirt’s the only guy who can play like that!"

Do you care about reviews? No. I used to say that when certain movie critics liked a movie, it really sucked, and vice versa. As for everything else, I really don’t care. I love to go to and read the negative reviews written by people who didn’t read the book or product reviews by people who didn’t read the f—ing instructions before using it.

Delighted after writing a scathing review on Yelp.

Is the ‘mind’ different to the ‘brain’? If so, in what ways? I think I’ve talked about this before. The brain is a physical entity, consisting of neurons, synapses, and axons. The mind is a logical entity, which organizes the physical pieces and gives meaning to them. A zombie can eat a brain, but can’t eat the thoughts, memories, and ideas stored within it.

Overall how sunny is your nature? Very. Surprised?

That’s all for now!

14 thoughts on “Share Your World For 23 May 2022

  1. Thanks for Sharing Your World John! I love the GIFs!!! Have I ever mentioned that before? 😄 And someone has been keeping their mad skills under a bushel somewhere… I LOVE that last GIF very much, and good job on the sunshiny one. Shiny Happy People Laughing? Heh heh. Excellent answers to all the questions and educational too! A bonus! Have a fabulous week!


  2. I love your answers! I read Amazon reviews, as well, and find them most amusing. You do have a sunny personality and that’s why I’m here. 😉


  3. Cheers to the sunny nature – I would agree that is what we see at your blog with you!
    And laughing at how You used a zombie example – lol


  4. Great answers. A shame when they canceled the Unicorn as other less well done shows get renewed. That happy smiley face cloud jumper is my spiritual twin. Lol.


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