Top Ten Tuesday: WIXO (98.5 FM, New Orleans, LA), 5/25/73

WIXO is now located in Peoria, Illinois, where it’s "105.7 The X." In New Orleans, 98.5 is now WYLD, one of the top stations in the market, broadcasting an Urban Adult Contemporary format. The old WIXO went dark in September 1974, because they didn’t have any listeners and thus no revenue coming in. Few people in the New Orleans market had FM radios at the time, apparently. Anyway, here’s their Top Ten from May 25, 1973.

  1. Sylvia, “Pillow Talk”
  2. The Spinners, “One Of A Kind (Love Affair)”
  3. The Doobie Brothers, “Long Train Runnin'”
  4. Three Dog Night, “Shambala”
  5. Barry White, “I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More Baby”
  6. Paul McCartney & Wings, “My Love”
  7. Jim Stafford, “Swamp Witch”
  8. Clint Holmes, “Playground In My Mind”
  9. Ohio Players, “Funky Worm”
  10. The Edgar Winter Group, “Frankenstein”

And that’s Top Ten Tuesday for May 24, 2022.

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: WIXO (98.5 FM, New Orleans, LA), 5/25/73

  1. This station reminds me of ours. It plays top 40 hits but no one stays overnight there. It is apparently. Haunted. It has scared many people to the point where no one stays overnight.
    The songs are cool…love the Soul Train song. I haven’t heard the playground song in years. I always liked it. I didn’t care for the 2nd last one. Fun as usual


  2. May in 1973, I would have still been on campus at the University of Georgia (a quarter system school at the time). Most of these were on the various radios.


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