Throwback Thursday No. 40: Birthday Blasts #TBTmemory

A happy belated birthday to Lauren, who celebrated hers last week. Appropriately, her topic for TBT is "Birthday Blasts."

What’s your earliest birthday memory? Earliest would be my 11th birthday, which was the one after Dad died. I got a clock radio, and a friend of mine gave me the single of Herman’s Hermits’ "There’s A Kind Of Hush"/"No Milk Today."

What was your favorite birthday and why? Mom’s birthday was the day after mine and we would celebrate them together. The year I turned 38, she turned 62, which made it our joint 100th birthday. Mary suggested we fly in to Chicago and celebrate it, so we did.

What’s the best birthday present you have ever received? Mary gave me a guitar for my 21st birthday. I still have it, too.

Did you ever get money as a birthday gift? Pretty much always.

What did you like to do on your birthday as a kid? Eat cake. What do you like to do now? Eat cake. Some things never change…

Did you have birthday parties with friends or family parties? With family…

Did you get to pick the food for your birthday? Sometimes. Did you prefer to eat a home cooked meal or to eat out at a restaurant on your birthday? Go to a restaurant.

Did your family have any fun birthday traditions? Not really, other than dinner. Since I don’t have any kids, obviously I didn’t pass them on.

Did you ever get to take the day off school on your birthday? Only when it was on a weekend. As an adult did/do you take the day off? I’m retired, so now they’re all days off.

Love that song… Bruce was the lead singer of Starbuck.

Have you ever had a surprise birthday party? No, sorry!

Bonus Question: If you had a million dollars to spend only on your next birthday, what would you do? Invest the million and buy a cake. It’s my birthday, I can do whatever I want, right?

See you next week!

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13 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday No. 40: Birthday Blasts #TBTmemory

  1. Pretty Interesting and I never thought about all the birthdays but there are a few. I remember getting a cute blue poodle that one wound up and it played music. I also got a clown and I could wind up his nose and it played music. My daddy got me both. My mom always made a wonderful cake which i still make for people.
    I did get money but, now, I get gift cards which I like.
    I don’t remember a favourite birthday but i recall the last time my mom made a cake for me. She tried so hard because she was losing her memory. I was so taken by how much she tried and it touched my soul.
    I normally had birthdays with family and 2 friends. Once I had a birthday party and I was a real brat. We played Simon Says and I was voted out second. I made a hissy fit and stormed away. I was then, too embarrassed to go back. Much, much later I had a surprise party at my home and, when I turned 50, my hubby created a beautiful birthday party for me which i will never forget.
    I never had a day off from school but, when i was a teen my mom took me and a friend to Crystal Beach. This was an old amusement park which had the famous Comet (I never went on it-too scared) plus an old Carousel. Due to mismanagement and corruption, it closed in the early 90s after 101 years.
    If I had a million dollars for my birthday, I would visit an animal rescue and give most of money to them plus help out. After, I would take my hubby and closest friends to Europe on an extended holiday


    1. The mother of a friend of mine had a stroke one year, and the following Christmas she had crocheted each of them (he had a brother and sister) a hat and scarf. He said there were all kinds of errors in it, but that he wouldn’t trade it for anything.


  2. Thanks for joining and adding your gifs. They always make me laugh. It must have been so difficult losing a parent at such a young age.
    I had that Herman’s Hermits record too. My birthday yesterday brought no cash
    LOL but I did get a gift card to See’s Candy Shop.
    As long as you don’t buy a million dollar cake, it sounds like a good way to spend money on your b-day.


    1. Happy birthday, again! I’d invest all $1 Million and buy my own cake. Have fun at See’s!

      It was rough, but we got over it pretty quickly, not that it didn’t hurt occasionally…

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    1. We had fun, too. All her sisters showed up that Saturday with fixings for mimosas (champagne and orange juice) and I surprised them all by being there.


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