From Apartment Therapy: The Lakefront Trail #socs

Since the prompts for today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday are "trail" and "trial," I thought I’d link this article from the Apartment Therapy website: How My Local, No-Frills Walking Trail Helped Me Heal from a Breakup and Find Love Again, about the walking trail that runs along Lake Michigan in Chicago. I never heard of this one…

10 thoughts on “From Apartment Therapy: The Lakefront Trail #socs

  1. Walking does help the trials in one’s life or google the trails…just as good. My brother has a Facebook page called “Life of Baron” and he walked every street in St. Catharines just because. He has rated who has the best chicken wings and went to every place that serves wings where you can sit at a bar area or sit and have them. Obviously, during Covid, he got take out. He is also talking about the best landmarks in our city and he is rating beer. Ok they have nothing to do with Trails but he is talking about the trails that run through our city.


    1. Are you in St. Catharine’s? Back in my bagpipe days, there was (and probably still is) a championship pipe band from there. I forget the band’s name, but their pipe major was a guy named Ken Eller. Ever heard of him or them?


      1. I am In St. Kitts and I probably have seen them more than once during g the grape and wine festival parade but I don’t know his name.


        1. He was with the Clan MacFarlane Pipes and Drums, and he’s something of a legend in the piping world. He has a web page (, if you’re interested. I spent a week learning more about the pipes than I ever wanted to know with him. The first day, he asked me “Do they call you John or Jack?” I told him “John,” and from then on I was “Jack.”


  2. Hi John – this was an excellent read … our moving on doesn’t need to be extreme – just moving on gently in life – so true. Thanks – an interesting and appropriate take on the prompt – cheers Hilary


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