Trials and Trails #socs

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How many of you, before traveling somewhere, go to the store and buy those trial size (or travel size) bottles of shampoo, shaving cream, body scrub, etc.? I did that once or twice and figured out that I was wasting a lot of money. First, if you’re staying in a halfway decent hotel, they have shampoo and conditioner and soap, so you don’t need to spend money there. As for everything else, it’s usually better if you bring your usual toothpaste, toothbrush, shave cream, razor etc. Get a good-sized toiletry bag and you can fit it all in there. Of course, I was traveling constantly, so it made more sense for me. Anyway…

I immediately thought of trail mix when I saw one of the prompts for today was "trail," and since I don’t generally eat it, I looked up what goes in. And I learned that you can put just about anything you want in there. This page got a list of 35 items and ranked them best to worst. Whoever wrote the list didn’t like raisins or peanuts, which are the last two items. Reese’s Pieces were at the top of the list, and I imagine you could M&M’s (plain or peanut) or Smarties (for my Canadian readers).

Oddly enough, a lot of the ingredients seem like they belong in Chex Mix. I love Chex Mix, because you can put pretty much whatever you want in it. The original is a savory mixture of the three flavors of Chex cereal (wheat, rice, and corn), mixed nuts, pretzels, bagel chips, and really whatever else you can think of, coated with butter, Worcestershire sauce, and spices and baked (although it looks like the preferred method now is to microwave it). At the link, they have all kinds of variations, including substituting Cheez-Its for the bagel chips (or Cheez-Its and bagel chips). And for the festive occasions, you can pick one of recipes from here.

You know, it occurs to me that maybe Chex cereals aren’t sold in certain parts of the world. You might have something similar, or you can improvise.

It also occurs to me that if you make trail mix (or Chex mix) so you can sit around and watch Court TV, that would make it trial mix…

Linda hosts Stream of Consciousness Saturday every week. Now here are The Three Stooges for Chex Party Mix!

19 thoughts on “Trials and Trails #socs

  1. I love raisins and smarties is better than M & M’s. There is a difference plus smarties is much more colourful:)) I like Trail Mix and you made me laugh that you eat that when watching court tv.

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    1. I noticed that Smarties have a thinner shell and were a little crisper when you bit into them. When you watch Court TV while eating trail mix, you can call it “trial mix.”

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  2. Haha ๐Ÿ˜‚ trial mix for court TV is perfect. My mom made the original slow baked Chex mix every holiday. I had no idea there was a microwave version. I should try that out.


  3. I’ve had various forms of both trail mix and Chex mix and I can’t say I didn’t enjoy any of them, even the ones with raisins and peanuts. These days, I tend to stick with organic nuts and low-sugar protein bars, which doesn’t sound all that exciting, does it?


    1. I don’t know what the guy had against raisins and peanuts. I kind of like them myself. There are better choices, to be sure (Craisins and cashews, dried apples and walnuts,etc.), but I wouldn’t have a problem with peanuts and raisins…

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  4. Chex mix and court TV – that made me laugh, John. Personally, I canโ€™t think of anything that can be baked that is better microwaved. I hope you have a great weekend.

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