E.M.’s Sunday Ramble Prompt 25: Uplifting Chatter #em-srp

It’s that time again! E. M. has the prompts, I have the GIF’s (and the answers).

When you feel negative, what techniques do you use to bring yourself up to feeling positive? I watch funny videos on YouTube, particularly the pie fights…

What is a smell that made you smile when you woke up today? Honestly, I couldn’t smell anything, because my nose was clogged. I had to sit up and let my sinuses drain, then when I’d lie back down, my nose would clog up again. I’d use Vick’s, except it’d get in my mustache and beard. Maybe I’ll try BioFreeze or get some Hall’s cough drops…

An owl is known for its wisdom, what are you known for? My GIF’s. I usually pick them from Giphy, but sometimes I make my own. Just made this one from an old Little Caesar’s commercial:

Do you know any good recipes? If so, can you share one? I was just talking about Chex Mix yesterday (see here), so I’ll use that one. I’ll let Hailey demonstrate. This is the original recipe, and God love her, she bakes it in the oven.

You can change some of the ingredients. I’d probably use Cheez-Its instead of bagel chips, maybe toss in a few Cheerios.

How do you console the people around you? Just listen.

That’s all for this week. Six-two and even, over and out!

Tally-ho and away we go!
See you next week with a brand new show!

7 thoughts on “E.M.’s Sunday Ramble Prompt 25: Uplifting Chatter #em-srp

  1. Yuck to drippy nose but I know what you mean. Actually I felt a bit bummed today and watching that pie fight cheered me up. A good movie always does, or a funny one like this.
    I liked smelling my new doggie, I must be weird because I liked smelling the dog.
    I am known to make people feel better which is nice to hear
    A recipe? My mom’s chocolate icing to put on a cake- a small one of whipping cream (A quart?), 5 or 6 tablespoons of Fryers cocoa (baking aisle), 1/2 cup or a bit more of icing sugar. Beat this up until stiff peaks form and spread it onto your cake. You can always cut your cake twice and use a pint of whipping cream with close to 3/4 cup icing sugar and a tablespoon more of coca, whip it and then take part of it to spread it inbetween the cake. Place the one layer down. Add your favourite raspberry jam and spread that on the next layer. Add the top part of the cake and spread the whipping cream icing on top. You can pipe the cream on top for rosebuds and add cut strawberries on top or chocolate sprinkles if you wish. It is delicious!
    You are right…listen.


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