The First Week of Summer That Was

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That’s a great commercial, isn’t it?

We in the US consider Memorial Day weekend the first weekend of summer, even though it’s three weeks or more from the Summer Solstice. Weather people consider June 1 (this Wednesday) the meteorological start to summer. We always got out of school for summer on the first Friday of June (Mom didn’t get out until around the solstice). I’m going with the schools here in Georgia and making this the first weekend of summer.

I remember when they moved almost all the Federal holidays to the Monday closest to the day (exceptions were Independence Day and Veterans Day) and the furor it caused in Illinois among the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars, who didn’t want Memorial Day moved from May 30. They wanted the governor to declare that Memorial Day would always and forever be May 30. They lost. This year, we can all be happy.

Nothing else major to report here. I think I need to start taking notes. So, let’s look at

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8 thoughts on “The First Week of Summer That Was

  1. The video is private. Maybe I need a VPN too? Cheers to summertime. June 1 is a momentous day in the insurance biz. The start of what we hope is an uneventful CAT season.


  2. I couldn’t see the commercial..oh well. Our start of summer was last weekend. We celebrate Victoria day which , I bet, most people don’t even know who she is..was. We often call it May 2/4 weekend.


    1. You need a VPN to make it look like you’re in the US! 😉 I’m assuming the Victoria is Queen Victoria and not, say, Victoria Pearson, second cousin three times removed of Lester, after whom the airport is named…


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