Share Your World For Memorial Day 2022

As always, Melanie has the questions, I have the GIF’s and other forms of entertainment…

Has anyone ever tried to scam you? All the damn time. I don’t think anyone who has an email account hasn’t had thousands of spam emails by now. Here’s what I got just this morning…

Obviously someone trying out their new spam software, or someone that hasn’t learned to filter out duplicates from the email liists they bought.

Every one of them a scam. Here’s more on another account…

I think you get the idea. This is my favorite…

I don’t even HAVE a Coinbase account. Nice try, @$$hole.

What’s the best thing about parties? Going home from them…

Do you listen to people’s advice if you didn’t ask for it? Of course not!

I never watched the show, mostly because of this guy.
This was on the sasme page as the previous one.

Why is it impossible to spell funeral without fun? The same reason you can’t spell "dysfunctional" without it.

I’m grateful to the men, women, and animals who gave their lives in the Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and Space Force) and as first responders (firefighters and police officers). Thank you!

And, as always….

16 thoughts on “Share Your World For Memorial Day 2022

  1. I can be amused at how each of the several email accounts I have (two are connected to my cable service and their spam filter must be constructed of swiss cheese or tissue paper because nothing gets stopped) attracts different spams. But gosh, those Weber grill gifts, when am I going to get one? And if I get one more from “M&T Bank” telling me my account is compromised and I need to CLICK HERE to fix it, I might just die of laughter. I’m getting several of those a day. Alana ramblinwitham


    1. I check my spam folder about once a week to see if anything got thrown in there by accident, but otherwise just toss everything in there out. I get the usual “thank you for your order!” emails that supposedly show that I bought a $6000 laptop or the entire suite of Norton products, that I suppose are meant to lure me into canceling the order (and giving them my credit card #, including expiration date and CVV), but I just pitch them…


  2. Spam…it’s not just food the military ate anymore. We get emails about something being hacked, bitcoin crap, penis enlargement, etc…we also get tons of calls for duct cleaning owe on taxes, etc… it’s crazy.
    Parties…I don’t mind them if I know everyone but I get tired by 10( or sooner) and find a chair to snooze on. I prefer small gatherings of my friends to a party.
    I may listen to someone’s advice but, usually, they have no idea who I am or the situation at hand. I end up making my own decision. I have tried watching the Office more than once and just font find it funny. I find it more annoying.
    Some of the best events have been funerals. Many people laugh and reminisce and relatives are together which only happens at Weddings too.


    1. “The Office” was another show like “Seinfeld,” where everyone else thought it was hilarious but it left me cold.

      Mom’s wake was amazing: it was back in the old neighborhood so I got a chance to see people I hadn’t seen in years, including a nun from my school days (I guess she wasn’t as old as I thought) and parents of kids I went to school with. There must have been 300 people there at one point. The funeral director kept the place open well past his bedtime, and the next day my uncle came up and said, “if the bar across the street was open (it was closed for repairs), we’d STILL be having fun.” It was an event my mother would have enjoyed…


  3. I relate to your party answer. Just yesterday I obligingly went to a party for someone I don’t know at a house where I didn’t know anybody. I took my daughter and her husband and their kids to the party which was for one of his relatives. I was so glad when they decided to leave early (5:30 PM) from the party which was just getting under way. It was not where I wanted to be.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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    1. After a while, I don’t think people have the patience for parties. Early on, Mary and I gave a few parties, but then we realized it was more trouble than it was worth, and we were never especially into going to parties.

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      1. John and Mary Holton! Locomotive breath! Pineapple the great American treat. John Holton the very best guitar player!
        James Constable
        Facebook hello to Mary!


  4. I get scam email constantly and it goes directly into my spam folder. It’s quite annoying and so are the car warranty calls that my phone tags as “potential spam”. I also get the car warranty garbage in regular mail and it’s not even our car. 🤣

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