Top Ten Tuesday: WDRC (1360 AM, Hartford, CT), 6/2/63

WDRC-AM in Hartford, Connecticut is now "The Talk Of Connecticut," but from the late ’50’s to 1980 they were a Top 40 station, in competition with WPOP (1410 AM) until WPOP switched to news and talk. Here is their survey from June 2, 1963.

  1. The Roller Coasters, “Spanish Twist”
  2. The Dovells, “You Can’t Sit Down”
  3. Ray Charles, “Take These Chains From My Heart”
  4. Little Peggy March, “I Will Follow Him”
  5. Al Martino, “I Love You Because”
  6. The Crystals, “Da Doo Ron Ron”
  7. Bill Anderson, “Still”
  8. The Olympics, “Th Bounce”
  9. Kyu Sakamoto, “Sukiyaki”
  10. Lesley Gore, “It’s My Party”

And that’s Top Ten Tuesday for May 31, 2022.

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: WDRC (1360 AM, Hartford, CT), 6/2/63

  1. I just love tha Japanese song. I don’t knowvthe first one nor the guy who talks inhis dong but the rest I do. This all xame out a year before I was born


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