Song of the Day: Kaye Ballard, “In Other Words (Fly Me To The Moon)”

Composer Bart Howard was born Howard Joseph Gustafson on this day in 1915. One of his most famous compositions was "In Other Words," better known as "Fly Me To The Moon." He wrote it in 1954, and the first commercial release was by Kaye Ballard that year. It was originally written in 3/4 time, but Quincy Jones changed it to 4/4 time when he wrote his arrangement for Frank Sinatra for Frank’s 1964 album It Might As Well Be Spring. Peggy Lee convinced Howard to change the name to "Fly Me To The Moon" in 1963.

7 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Kaye Ballard, “In Other Words (Fly Me To The Moon)”

  1. I know her from comedic roles in tv but never knew her singing was so good. She has such a strong voice. I would have loved for her to do a James Bond song


    1. She had an excellent voice. I’d see her on the Tonight Show when Johnny Carson was hosting, and she would combine singing and comedy. I just about died laughing when she did the theme from “Shaft”…


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