Song of the Day: “Land Of Hope And Glory”

British composer Edward Elgar was born on this day in 1857. Maybe his most familiar work to Americans is "Pomp and Circumstance," written in 1901 and often played at high school and college graduations. Lyrics were added by A. C. Benson in 1902 and it became the British patriotic song "Land Of Hope And Glory." As the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee will be celebrated soon, here is that version of the song.

10 thoughts on “Song of the Day: “Land Of Hope And Glory”

      1. Oh! Absolutely not, he’s been in waiting all his life …no he really wants the job..I think the queen should have retired in his favour like the Dutch monarchy does. No William will get his turn , just hope Charles lives long enough to have a go ! 🤣🤣


  1. I always loved this song and very appropriate for today. I saw her with others on the balcony and she is beginning to look frail. She took hard hits when she lost her husband and then got covid. I loved the air formation flying to spell out 70. A huge mass of people too.


    1. Mary saw it, and said it looked like she was on the balcony with a very old man who’s a cousin (Duke of Gloucester? Kent?) this morning. She heard that later she might be on the balcony with Charles, William, and George (is that William’s son?), but evidently there won’t be a gathering of the whole clan.


  2. Yes it will be John – thankfully today is dry and sunny … Elgar is being featured this week.Our tradition and culture may not always appeal … but it does hit the heart for someone British. Handel, a German, holds a major part in our history… cheers Hilary


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