The First Week That Was Of Summer

Here are Maisie The Raisin and Jake The Flake for Post Raisin Bran!

As far as I’m concerned, summer started last Monday. Too bad if you don’t like it…

In the old days, this would be a short week, but now that I’m retired it’s pretty much the same as every other week. Nevertheless, it was a good one.

I’ve been reading a lot on Medium about productivity tools, mostly because I keep thinking I’d like to move off of Evernote and onto something a little "free-er." They evaluate applications that are like Evernote as note-taking applications, and I really am not in the market for one, because I use Apple Notes. They say that Apple Notes can do the same thing as Evernote, and to a certain extent it can. But I’m spending way too much time with it, which means I should probably say "forget it!" and stick with Evernote.

I did, however, find a mail client I’m happy with, called Airmail. It’s Mac and iOS only, which suits me fine. I have six email accounts (hey, it happens, all right?) that I was checking every day, meaning I was going to three different webmail addresses and had to log on and off to Gmail three times, and I got sick of it. I’m still getting used to it, and of course there are a lot of bells and whistles that I’m not likely to use. Personally, I wonder about people that feel that they have to use all of them…

Enough about my software explorations. It’s time for…

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was.

7 thoughts on “The First Week That Was Of Summer

  1. Liked that first commercial. Yes, I am certain i got the evil eye stare. Sounds like Kaspar won this time…Can’t win every time so we just enjoy what we love.


  2. I use LibreOffice for my notes. I keep it open and throw whatever I have on my mind in there. I have 3 email accounts but only use 2. I use Runbox because it is more secure than some of the others. It’s $35.00 every 2 years and worth the peace of mind. We also have Yahoo, which has been breached several times, however, we don’t use it for anything important. And then there’s Gmail, which I keep only for emergencies, otherwise, I don’t trust Google.
    That is a great commercial!


    1. I need to stop looking for solutions to problems I don’t have, you know? Evernote is good for storing stuff, Apple Notes is good for jotting down notes, and BBEdit is good for turning Markdown into HTML, and for some notetaking. I wish Evernote was cheaper, but then I wish I was 40 years younger and 200 lb lighter, too…

      LibreOffice is good, though I mosly use it for the spreadsheet. We had been using OpenOffice, but it started blowing up every time I opened it, so I switched. They’re pretty much the same, anyway. I use Google Drive for a few IFTTT scripts, but nothing of major consequence.

      Commercials from the ’50’s, ’60’s, and ’70’s were classics…

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  3. That post cereal commercial was crazy – hahah-
    And I agree it feels

    Like the start of summer to me too!

    Good review post


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