MMMM: RRHOF Omissions, Part 8

We continue with Part 8 of’s list of 100 bands and artists who aren’t in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and should be. As before, the blurb after each act’s name comes from the website.

  1. Jan and Dean, “Surf City”: The surf duo was overshadowed by their colleagues the Beach Boys but for a few years they were massive.

  2. Jethro Tull, “Living In The Past”: Their detractors will never understand why, but Ian Anderson and the band sold tons of records and were a major concert act for years.

  3. Tom Jones, “Thunderball”: Forget about the schlocky stuff—on the strength of his voice, this masterful interpreter of songs belongs in. As a live performer, he’s better than ever now, and his past few albums have been spectacular.

  4. Ben E. King, “Spanish Harlem”:* Inducted as a member of the Drifters, but his solo output includes “Stand By Me” and “Spanish Harlem.” He needs his own slot in the Hall.

  5. King Crimson, “The Court Of The Crimson King”: Prog at its most inventive. Whatever you think of the genre on the whole, you must acknowledge that Robert Fripp is a genius.

  6. Gordon Lightfoot, “Carefree Highway”: If fellow Canadians like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell can make the cut, why not this terrific singer-songwriter?

  7. Little Feat, “Oh Atlanta”: This L.A. outfit was just so funky, and with the late Lowell George as their lead guitarist they left audiences numb night after night.

  8. Los Lobos, “La Bamba”: For more than four decades this East L.A. band has continued to innovate. Their output has been consistently strong since day one, and in concert they kill.

  9. Love, “My Little Red Book”: Fronted by the gifted singer-songwriter Arthur Lee, this ’60s L.A. band was, for a while, as important to that scene as the Byrds and Buffalo Springfield.

  10. Lonnie Mack, “Memphis”: One wicked guitar player, championed by the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Beck and Duane Allman.

And that’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for June 6, 2022.

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14 thoughts on “MMMM: RRHOF Omissions, Part 8

  1. What can I say? A playlist full of memories, and a handful of songs I never heard. Also one band I’ve never heard of – Love. Many more that I haven’t heard in forever, especially King Crimson. Last year, we spent several days in Canandaigua, New York (on the Finger Lakes). Their outdoor performance venue was featuring some live concerts and one corresponded with our stay – King Crimson. The acoustics of the area permitted us to actually hear a little bit of the music at our strip motel. I am not even sure any original members are part of King Crimson, but what a blast that was, regardless. P.S. Firefox wouldn’t let me play Love; I’ll have to look up that song later.


  2. I have…no words when finding out Jethro Tull, King Crimson and Ritchie Valens are not there. I would have thought they would have been inducted in the earliest days. My brother has that album and loved showing it to my mom and my one aunt and uncle who were snobs when it xame to art. Ton Jones just has an amazing voice


    1. Ritchie Valens was admitted in 2001; that’s Los Lobos playing “La Bamba,” and they should be right in beside Ritchie. “The Big Bopper,” the third guy killed in that plane crash with Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens, is still not in…


  3. I saw Jan and Dean years ago in Ft. Lauderdale. It was after Jan’s accident. Jan was noticeably struggling but sounded good. Even with the impact of Jan’s accident, they continued their career until 2004 when Jan died.


    1. There was a made-for-TV movie called “Deadman’s Curve” that talked all about Jan’s accident and subsequent recovery,which would have been mid- to late-’70’s. Is that when you saw them?

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  4. I’m not sure what the criteria is for an artist to be inducted into the RRHF and am surprised to see some of these not included. Gordon Lightfoot is a favorite oldie. Tom Jones has amazing vocals. “Thunderball” is a fabulous! It makes me want to see the James Bond flick. Have a boogietastic week, my friend!


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