The Trinity Sunday Week That Was

Here’s Betty Furness for Westinghouse Lynwood televisions. You can be sure, if it’s Westinghouse!

Yes, this is a bit late. I ran into problems with the database on one machine and had to wait until I got to the other.

Kind of an odd week here. I didn’t write as much as I usually do, as you’ll see in the next section. I had a hard time getting into some of the prompts for a couple of the blog hops I do regularly (or irregularly, as the case might be), so I finally just gave up on them, for now, anyway. No telling what I might do next week.

Hopefully, I can get more sleep than I did this past week. I wouldn’t sleep well at night, then drift off to sleep in the afternoons, when I would try and read the blogs I normally do and write blog entries for the next day. It’s simply a matter of my being tired in the middle of the afternoon.

I have this application on my phone called Mesmerize, which offers visual as well as aural stimulation, the latter in the form of ambient music and, as I discovered last night, spoken instructions narrated by simulated voices on what you’re supposed to do. Well, the narration was keeping me awake, a hell of a thing for an application that’s supposed to help you relax and fall asleep. I wrote a nastygram to the writers of the software, and once I did that, I figured out how to turn the damn narration off…

I have my annual physical on Tuesday. I like my doctor well enough and the staff at the doctor’s office is friendly and helpful, but it’s still a big fat pain in the rear end. I’ll be much better when it’s all over. It’s in the mid-afternoon, meaning I’ll have to go back some morning and have my blood drawn. Still, it’s better than getting up at the crack of dawn to try and get it all out of the way in one trip.

I’ve discovered a new music-picking service called Chosic that works with Spotify and YouTube and picks music out based on an artist, song, or genre. I built a fusion playlist that I’m listening to, and it came up with songs that I’ve never heard, at not least out of Spotify. Maybe I’ll use it to generate playlists for Monday’s Music Moves Me…

I have what I think is a good Battle of the Bands coming up this Wednesday, so I hope a lot of you vote in it.

That’s all the news at this end, so here’s

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was.

6 thoughts on “The Trinity Sunday Week That Was

  1. Narration on how to fall asleep and be calm…yup that had to go. I hope your sleep will be better this week. I had to go to the hospital yesterday and get a…finger probe. I had fresh blood and some major pain in the lower abdomen last Friday. I will be off to get a colonoscopy and will hear from the dr this coming week when it will be. I hope it will be on July 14th because that is the day I am supposed to drive into Toronto to go to my A-hole bosses place for a fun BBQ. I was advised I must attend unless, of course, I am sick or laid up in the hospital. Sounds pretty bad when I would rather have that procedure than go to this shin-dig. I will have to drive home during rush hour which is horrible.


    1. Thanks! I should sleep very well tonight. The trip to the doctor will be the usual BS about losing weight. He discussed bariatric surgery the last time, but Mary vetoed that. We’ll see what happens…


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