Share Your World for 6/13/2022

Melanie has the questions, I have the memes…

What is one topic you really like to talk about? Music, of course…

Or something you really want to tell people? None of this is real. It’s all just a bad dream.

What do you normally never tell strangers about yourself? Exactly how many cats we have, or rather had. Now we just have one.

Have you ever broken anything? My right arm, twice; several hundred guitar strings (usually the high E string); a window, once; a large and clumsy piece of classroom furniture, once; and a lot of other things…

Is having a big ego a negative trait or positive trait? It depends on whether you’re a narcissist or not. I know people who have big egos (egoes?) who aren’t narcissists, they’re just larger than life.

What aspects of your city or neighborhood are you grateful for? It’s quiet and people leave each other alone.

And that’s ior ft this week.

15 thoughts on “Share Your World for 6/13/2022

  1. Nice post! It’s really does feel like a bad dream sometimes. I want to be like the Patrick meme and break something 🤣.


  2. Thanks John for Sharing Your World! GREAT GIFs this week, but I’ve come to expect nothing less! (so funny). I’d have guessed you have a lot of information about the music world, and I am glad you share that knowledge with the lesser informed (like me). Cats? Are we talking a ‘cat lady’ situation here? Pets are a great topic of conversation too, with our focus on the kind we like best 🐶 <— My personal fave. Cats have their admirers and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with ‘cat love’. Billy Crystal always brings a chuckle and I’m not too surprised he’d weigh in on ego. I think his is a nice healthy size too. Have a fabulous week John, and yes, I’ll see ya in the funny papers next week (or before).. Have a good one!


    1. We like dogs, too, but they need to be walked and neither Mary nor I want to walk a dog. Cats are easy, at least for us. I always liked poodles, myself, just not clipped like one. They’re smart, friendly, good with people. They were originally hunting dogs, believe it or not…


  3. I love the kittens. We had 5 cats at one point…that was crazy. We are down to 2 plus a new doggie. As for telling something about myself…I’m not telling.
    I love talking movies, film stars, directors etc but not so much today’s stuff. I love the silent cinema and the golden age of Hollywood.
    I have sprained and dislocated many things on my body but, due to my Ehlers-Danlos, hard to break a bone. I’ve broken dishes, glasses and the computer dept. Way back in the 80s. Yes, I did.
    If one has a healthy ego, that is a good thing but when it takes over, then it becomes narcissistic etc…which is unhealthy all the way around. My hubby has a healthy ego and it shocks me sometimes but I know he is right. I hate saying it.
    I like all the ravines in our city plus the Welland canal goes through.


      1. So, it’s 1986 and I am supposed to write my essay on the computer instead of the typewriter. I enter the Mac lab and sit at a computer in the one row. I have no clue how to use this thing and the morons there to help you just tell me they don’t know, shrug their shoulders and walk away.
        For an hour or more I am trying but nothing and my anger was Reaching the boiling point. Finally, I had habit,and with both fists, I smack down on the keys with all my might, 3 or 4 times. The screen changes colour and I hear that whirring sound and see a light and my computer shuts down. Then I hear the same thing beside me and then the next one…and the next one and so on. They all had that sound and poof! I grabbed my books and purse and took off. Maybe 3 weeks or so go by and I co.e up to my friends, one being my future husband, and the other a friend friend of his who works in the computer labs. I asked what was up and he said that the computers had mysteriously crashed and they have been shut down ever since. They had to ask people from Texas to come and help. When he left, my future husband looked at me and asked, ” what did you do?” He could read my face so well.


    1. You’re not kidding. Before we moved here, we lived in a neighborhood that was noisy all night. I woke up on our first night here and tapped Mary and said “Hear that?” She said “I don’t hear anything,” and I said “Exactly!”

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