Simply 6 Minutes: Snow!

I’m glad I now live in a part of the country that doesn’t get a lot of snow. Not that we never get any: we’ve had several substantial snows since we’ve been here, the kind that keep you in for several days at a time.

We came from Chicago, where it snows on a fairly regular basis, and it wasn’t unusual to go to bed and wake up to 5-6" of new snow in the morning. We really didn’t think much of it. In fact, it was fairly easy to sleep, because snow will suppress a lot of the noise, and ours was a particularly noisy neighborhood. When we moved to Atlanta, everyone told us "Don’t buy a snow shovel! People will know you’re a Yankee! If it snows, we just wait at home until it melts. And it usually does by the next day." "Usually" is the operative word there.

I do notice the lady in the lower right hand corner of the picture, sleeping in the snow. I visualize things like that when I can’t sleep. You should try it sometime.

When you move from Chicago to Atlanta and hear a forecast of 2-3" of snow, you don’t really think much of it. Meanwhile, the neighbors are going crazy buying up all the milk and bread at the stores. That’s when you learn that 2-3" of snow in a pretty much level city where there’s a lot of snow removal equipment is a hell of a lot different than one that has lots of hills that are damn near impossible to climb when they’re slick and practically no snow removal equipment because the amount of snow we get in an average winter really doesn’t justify the expense.

Not that it bothers me that much. I don’t go out a lot, anyway.

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20 thoughts on “Simply 6 Minutes: Snow!

  1. I love that picture and do find a blanket of snow, glistening in the moonlight like diamond dust, very serene. I live in the Niagara Region where we can get hit hard with snow but only on occasion. The rest of Canada thinks Torontonians and us are wusses.


    1. I don’t know how I managed it, but it seemed that every time I had to teach in Toronto I had to deal with cold and snow. The last time I was there was in summer, and I didn’t have to deal with cold and snow. That was when I got food poisoning…


  2. Because I was raised in Sunny Southern California I’m like a kid every time it snows here in Oregon’s Outback. And yes I sleep like the lady in the picture when it snows. The quiet is so blissful.


  3. Our first winter in Maryland, they were predicting a couple of inches of snow overnight, and sure enough, we got it. We all got up in the morning as usual, ready to start our day. Dad turned the radio on to get a traffic report, and they were going on and on with school closings. I was surprised and elated; Dad just laughed and went on to work. That evening, he had many stories to tell of Maryland drivers in snow, colorful language and all. :-)


  4. That is precisely why the southern states freak out when it snows! They don’t know how to drive in it and they don’t know how to get rid of it. If it snows now where I live I will be completely shocked! We are way to close to the equator for snow. Thanks for joining in!


    1. As I recall, you’re in South Florida. I think there was just once that I can recall that you were hit by snow. I remember the orange crop was ruined….

      It doesn’t help that there are those that think they can drive like Dale Earnhardt when the roads are in that condition. The first time I had to drive in it, there was some guy riding my bumper until we got near the bridge going over the Chattahoochee, when he sped around me to make the light. When he hit the bridge, he discovered why they put up signs that say “bridges freeze before roads”…

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  5. Excellent take on the prompt! I don’t mind it when it snows in our neck of the woods. It’s usually here today and gone tomorrow.


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