Five For Friday: RRHOF Omissions, Part 10

Part 10 of‘s list of 100 acts that should be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame but aren’t includes a couple of glam rockers, a country legend, a hard rock trio (plus a singer) and one of rock’s finest songwriters.

  1. Mott the Hoople, “All The Way From Memphis”: Just for the fact that they gave us the brilliant Ian Hunter, they belong in. Mott was more than glam; they rocked big-time.
  2. Mountain, “Mississippi Queen”: Leslie West and company took hard rock to the next level. “Mississippi Queen,” of course, but there was a lot more going on there.
  3. Willie Nelson, “On The Road Again”: While he is, of course, one of our top country artists, his impact on rock is measurable (he co-created Farm Aid with Neil Young and John Mellencamp, for example).
  4. New York Dolls, “Personality Crisis”: Seriously, the Dolls are not in? Yes, their whole glam style thing was over the top, but they rocked like crazy and were a major influence on the punk scene.
  5. Harry Nilsson, “Jump Into The Fire”: There are still many important singer-songwriters still on the outs, but it’s simply criminal that Nilsson has been ignored. He was loved by the Beatles and just about everyone else.

That’s Five For Friday for June 17, 2022.

3 thoughts on “Five For Friday: RRHOF Omissions, Part 10

  1. My husband loved Mott the Hoople back in the day. I don’t really have an opinion about them, but if’n you think they belong in the Hall of Fame, so be it.


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