Sent From Heaven Above #socs

We start with the commercial this week: This post is brought to you by Heaven Sent perfume, by Helena Rubinstein. A little bit naughty, but heavenly…

"Suddenly, you’re an imp wearing angel’s wings"… love that line.

Helena Rubinstein got out of the scent business and sold it to Dana, who also makes a scent called Love’s Baby Soft.

Yeah, it’s creepy….

Rumor has it that most of the world is trying to get away from printing paper money and striking coins and instead using digital currency. It might sound like the new and modern thing to do, but I’m not sure I like the idea. I mean, there’s a lot of history and tradition tied up in paper money and coins. I mean, I used to go to the store for Mom, and the reward for doing that was ten cents, a shiny new dime that was just enough to buy a bottle of Coke at the drug store on the way home. Had to drink it at the drug store, of course, unless I had two more cents to pay for the deposit, which I would get back when I returned the bottle.

So many things were less than a dollar back then: the newspaper was a nickel, a Bic pen was 29 cents, a pencil was seven cents (because a package of ten was 69 cents), loose-leaf paper was a quarter for 25 sheets, a comic book was 12 cents, a big comic book (the one that was about 50 pages) was 25 cents. Ground beef was 59 cents a pound, steak was 89 cents a pound, a five-pound bag of potatoes was 79 cents…

I miss the old days…

Dan is sitting for Linda, who brings us Stream of Consciousness Saturday every week.

27 thoughts on “Sent From Heaven Above #socs

  1. The perfume commercials are creepy – I have to admit I did wear Love’s Baby Soft (I obviously didn’t see the commercial, though; that should’ve scared me off!). I’m with you in not wanting the digital currency. Have you seen the technology that they can do with face recognition as your method for payment? I miss the old days too. For Father’s Day, my hubby was re-gifted the magazines he bought in 1972 (MAD, Crypt, etc.). All of them were .10 each for hours of entertainment.


    1. I think Love’s Baby Soft had print ads as well that weren’t quite as creepy. Same girl, though.

      I think I learned more about current events from MAD than Time or Life, all of which I read pretty religiously back then (we had a subscription to Time, and Grandma had one to Life and she’d save them for me). Mad was a lot funnier….

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      1. Yes, I remember those ads! And I remember the smell of it. It kind of makes me sick to my stomach to remember that. LOL.

        I think you’re on to something about learning more from MAD and it was indeed funnier than the Time or Life!

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  2. I used to get ten cents weekly allowance when I was a kid, back in the days when a mom could let a little kid walk downtown alone with no worries. I used to walk to the Ben Franklin and blow the entire ten cents on candy. It was amazing how much candy you could get for a dime back then!


    1. I have no idea who came up with that commercial or how in the world it ever saw the light of day, but it was the ’60’s (maybe the ’70’s, not sure)…

      I don’t think I’d recognize Heaven Sent if I smelled it, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget the jingle, which might actually be a pretty song.

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  3. Our minds were on a similar track this morning. I do not remember the Heaven Sent commercial but I do remember the Love’s Baby Soft commercial. I even thought it was creepy back then. That 2¢ deposit was a lot of money back then! Bottle deposits were my earliest form of income!

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    1. Just about everyone who’s commented doesn’t remember the Heaven Sent commercial. I remember it very clearly, because WLS played the heck out of it.


  4. Yeah, that second video was awful. I didn’t know they had a song for Heaven Sent. That was one of my favorite perfumes. Dana also made Ambush, which was my all time favorite. You just can’t find them any more, though.

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  5. When you think about getting a dime for a quick walk or bike ride to the store, John, it was a pretty good wage. That second commercial was creepy. I hope you have a good weekend.


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