MMMM: RRHOF Omissions, Part 11

Back with another chunk of’s list of Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame’s glaring omissions. Once again, they did all the heavy work, I just put the playlist together…

  1. Phil Ochs, “When I’m Gone”: The late singer-songwriter gets stereotyped as a political/protest artist and for sure there was that side of him. But Ochs also wrote insightful love songs and was a keen observer.

  2. Gram Parsons, “In My Hour Of Darkness”: He should be inducted with the Flying Burrito Brothers and as a solo artist! Synonymous with country-rock.

  3. Teddy Pendergrass, “Love TKO”: Both with Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes and on his own, he was one of the most dynamic R&B singers.

  4. Poco, “A Good Feeling To Know”: Another of the essential country-rock pioneers unjustly ignored.

  5. Iggy Pop, “I Wanna Be Your Dog”: Inducted for the Stooges, but he’s arguably had even more influence as a solo artist.

  6. John Prine, “Angel From Montgomery”: This 2018 nominee finally received recognition for his decades of solid songcraft and heartfelt performances.

  7. Procol Harum, “Conquistador”: Just for “Whiter Shade of Pale” alone they should get the nod, but they went on to record about a half dozen killer albums after that. And live—wow, especially in the early days with guitarist Robin Trower!

  8. Quicksilver Messenger Service, “Fresh Air”: Along with the Dead and the Airplane, QMS defined the San Francisco scene. Give them their due too. Guitarist John Cipollina played like no one else!

  9. Paul Revere and the Raiders, “Good Thing”: With charismatic frontman Mark Lindsay, they released hit after hit: “Kicks,” “Hungry,” “Just Like Me” and more.

  10. Cliff Richard and the Shadows, “I Could Easily Fall (In Love With You)”: Richard was Britain’s reigning pre-Beatles solo artist. His backup band the Shadows influenced the Beatles and everyone else in the U.K. They should each have their own place but we’d be happy to see them honored jointly.

And that’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for June 19, 2022.

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10 thoughts on “MMMM: RRHOF Omissions, Part 11

  1. I only knew two of the songs (Conquistador and Good Thing) but knew some of the names, just never heard your music selections. Quicksilver Messenger Service was one of them and I enjoyed the selection you chose. And the total unknowns to me-happy for the intro. Lots of talent goes unrewarded by that Hall of Fame. Alana


    1. It makes you scratch your head. Jann Wenner from Rolling Stone is on the committee, and you know he was around for Woodstock and Monterey and all the other shows, yet it’s almost as though they want to put mostly rap and hip-hop artists in while ignoring the artists from the ’60’s and ’70’s. Go figure. Quicksilver is a perfect example: they were part of the San Francisco music scene in the ’60’s, but they’re totally ignored…


  2. John,

    While I know by name these artists/bands, I do believe every song in your set are new to my ears. The song that really grabbed me the most might be QMS “Fresh Air” which I really liked the sound and I’m eager to hear more by this band. Surely, I’ve heard something by them an I’m just not making the connection. We’ll soon find out as I head over to YouTube to see what I can unearth. Great playlist. Thanks for joining the dance party, my friend. Have a boogietastic week!


    1. “Fresh Air” is the only QMS song that I remember. They had a couple of albumsw, so I’m sure it wasn’t the only song they did. Thanks for stopping by!


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