Song of the Day: Johnny Smith, “Moonlight In Vermont”

Jazz guitarist Johnny Smith was born 100 years ago today. He’s probably best known for writing the song "Walk, Don’t Run", which became a hit for Chet Atkins and The Ventures, but since I just used that song, I felt to choose another. "Moonlight In Vermont" was the title track from Johnny’s 1956 album, which also featured Stan Getz on saxophone.

12 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Johnny Smith, “Moonlight In Vermont”

  1. p.s. My kids both played the sax. My son was mostly a great guitarist in jazz bands and other bands. My daughter teaches music in Green Bay. But they both played it. Great instrument.


    1. He’s best known for “Walk, Don’t Run,” but I’m finding all his stuff is good. I didn’t hear about him until a couple of years ago, and I love his stuff.


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