Yes, We Have No Bananas #socs

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Let’s start with the commercial again this week. This post is brought to you by Jewel-Osco produce. It’s Fresh! Exciting!

My first real job at 16 was at the Jewel Food Store, where I was a produce clerk. I was really awful at it. I got written up a couple of times for not getting the job done right, and after a while I wished they’d just fire me. The money was good, sure, but the reason it was so good was that you had to deal with rotten and moldy produce and bugs, especially spiders. Everything, for whatever reason, had to be put in trays and shrink-wrapped, and I was just no good at that. Apparently, that was the law in Illinois for all produce except bananas, where you could get away with holding the hand (that’s what you call a bunch of bananas, apparently) together with tape, and watermelon, which could be sold whole, though we did used to cut it up and wrap it in shrink wrap, too.

Now, of course, if we need apples on the sales floor, you just bring the boxes out and arrange the apples nicely into a decorative pile. Same with everything else. No shaving the butts off the lettuce and wrapping it in plastic, just bring the whole heads out. Let the customer deal with their own produce, right? Made sense to me. Apparently not to the lawmakers, though, who were probably getting kickbacks from the manufacturers of shrink wrap and cardboard trays.

I should have quit that job when it became obvious that I didn’t have the aptitude for it, but Mom whipped out the old "J-O-B does not spell F-U-N" line and I stuck it out. I stayed with it until I was given a 37.5 hour week, when she decided that I needed to ask for fewer hours. I got the hours reduced to zero when I quit.

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9 thoughts on “Yes, We Have No Bananas #socs

  1. Ahh have no bananas…amazing if we don’t because there is a ton.
    As soon as you said spiders, I would have been out of there. I would have been screaming if I saw one.


  2. Yes John you did a great job and more power to you for sticking at it! Nowadays all that triming and wrapping is frowned upon. My las job was on a customer service desk in a large supermarket, dealing with the public up close and personal.
    We had the same issue with bugs, spiders ect Intuit especially the bananas…. Eeek some as big as your hand! 💜


    1. That’s the thing: wrapping them in plastic wrap shortened the shelf life of the contents, and people were taking it home and tearing the wrapper off, anyway, and sometimes people wanted two from one package and three from another, so we’d have to take the packages in the back, open them, take out the desired items, wrap them, and wrap the other package for the shelf. It was a huge waste of time.


  3. I’ve heard awful stories about the spiders that hitch a ride with bananas. Glad you were there for me, John. Protecting the masses from whatever.


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