Writer’s Workshop: I Forgot…

Warning: baseball talk ahead…

I just heard a crazy story about Freddie Freeman, who is now with the Dodgers after spending most of his career with the Braves. The Braves wanted him to come back, he wanted to come back, and the fans definitely wanted him to come back, but apparently the Dodgers made him a great offer, and the Braves never counteroffered, so he signed with the Dodgers.

Well, I just read that the Braves had made a counteroffer, and one that Freddie would have taken, which would have cut his agent’s commission, so the agent "forgot" to tell him about it. Needless to say, Freddie has fired his agent and I would hope takes legal action against him.

The Braves got an excellent player to replace him, and Freddie, who grew up in Southern California, has a great contract and will make the Dodgers better. But none of it had to happen.

20 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: I Forgot…

    1. The more I see of Matt Olson (Freddie’s replacement), the more I think the Braves made the right choice. Freddie’s happy with his choice, and I’m happy for him. You hate to hear of an agent thinking of himself more than his client, though…


  1. That agent has to be the dumbest person alive. Did he think really think Freeman wouldn’t have found out?


    1. Apparently so. The difference between the two contracts was $22 Million, so he might have lost $2.2 million in commissions, which Freddie might have given him as a thank-you for keeping him with the Braves. That makes him a special kind of stupid.


    1. Freddie fired the guy and I can see him suing the pants off of him. My guess is the company the agent worked for will fire him and look to get him disbarred. All for about $2 million.


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