Share Your World for July 4 ’22

Happy birthday, America! It’s meme time!

What do you think it means to be healthy? To be free of any obvious maladies (including pain in the joints) and in reasonably good shape. Unlike me.

Is being obsessive about someone or something a good thing? I take the term "obsessive" as meaning "too much of a good thing." At some point, you get annoying and people start avoiding you. Then it’s not such a good thing.

After a disagreement with your S.O., do you initiate the makeup conversation or wait for your S.O. to do it? Definitely wait. It’s why we’ve been married so long…

Have you ever done something incredibly embarrassing in front of a huge crowd? Depends on your definition of huge. Using my definition, no.

My definition of “huge”

What’s your sweetest memory from childhood? The night JFK was assassinated, I couldn’t sleep and was really kind of upset by everything that had happened. Dad came in, sat down on the bed, and said "Johnny, I’ll bet Kennedy is sitting up in heaven watching everything that’s happening and laughing his ass off." It was just what I needed to hear right then.

“Come here! You have to see what those idiots are doing down there!”

15 thoughts on “Share Your World for July 4 ’22

  1. Thanks for Sharing Your World John. Hilarious meme answers (but I expect nothing less!) The JFK story is very touching and your dad knew just what to say. His assassination really affected all sorts of people. I was 4 and couldn’t understand why my mother was so upset. I mean the guy was right THERE in the TV. Your first answer can be shared by me. I guess sometimes we don’t miss what we have until it’s gone. Have a great week!


    1. I was seven, and the three of us were home with the flu. The lady who cleaned house and gave us our lunch was very upset by it, and she just sat there with us watching it on TV until Mom got home from school (they closed the schools). The one that was wild was when Jack Ruby killed Oswald… A guy named Dave von Pein has a channel on YouTube where he has all the news broadcasts from that day, from the networks (radio and TV) and the local Dallas channels, as well as a lot of other TV and radio broadcasts from those years. It’s really amazing how far things have come in 60 years. If you want to see history, that’s a good place to start.


  2. Your JFK story reminded me of a time my dad made me feel better. I used to be afraid of cemeteries and he told me that “What’s to be afraid of? People are just dying to get in there!” and his corny joke really helped.


    1. Mothers and fathers have decidedly different ways of dealing with their offsprings’ fears. Mothers use tenderness and reassurance, fathers use humor…


    1. I’m sorry he died so young. He was a real character. Of course, there’s no telling what might have happened… it’s the stuff of which alternative history is made.

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