July is Jumping

You all know Janet… she’s trying to get to 1000 followers on TikTok so she can put a link to her business there. Give her a follow, if you can!

Janet's Smiles

Well, another month is already a week old. Can’t believe I don’t have anything to say for whole months at a time! This month is different though. While I may not be posting every day here, I have started a new TikTok account to help promote the crafty work I do. According to the training I got (yes, I took some training) I will need to post every day for at least 30 days. Most days it will be just one or two posts but on days 6 and 7 the challenge is to post 16 to 20 snippets each day!!! The goal is to get to the magic 1000 followers so that I can add the link to my business in my bio. I guess if TikTok doesn’t see 1000 followers they think you are not really a business. Here’s my first one:

We had our annual 4th of…

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