“Make A Note”? Where? #socs

I’ve become obsessed with the hunt for a replacement for Evernote. It’s not that bad, but it isn’t exactly an application for taking notes. That may sound odd, because it’s certainly sold as one, but that isn’t what I use it for. I use it mostly as a place to store stuff that I might need later, such as confirmations that I’ve paid bills, receipts for orders I’ve placed that have been backed up, copies of insurance documents, tax paperwork etc. etc. In other words, it’s where I warehouse stuff. Notes get lost in there, mostly because I don’t think of putting notes in there.

I use Apple Notes for that. Computers running MacOS and devices using iOS or iPadOS have an application called Notes which integrates with iCloud, giving you the ability to have all your notes on whatever device you happen to be on. A note I write to myself on my iPhone while I’m lying in bed getting my leg squeezed will then be available on both my desktop computer and my laptop. I can store the same kinds of stuff that I store on Evernote in Notes, except that Notes doesn’t have a web clipper. At least, I don’t think it does (John goes scampering off to verify)… No, it doesn’t. There are "workarounds," of course (print the page to a PDF and attach the PDF to a note, take screenshots and attach them to a note etc.), but I’m tired of workarounds.

A lot of the stuff I save are graphics and articles from web pages. I had been using Evernote to capture them, but I dicovered that, after a while, mixing the important stuff with the not-so-important stuff in Evernote was making it hard to find the important stuff. So I started using Bear to capture the not-so-important stuff. Like Evernote, it has a web clipper, and as far as I know it stores everything locally, like Notes does, so it would seem to be ideal. Best of all, Bear supports Markdown, which I use extensively on the blog.

So, I have a choice for where to store notes. All well and good, but what about longer writing? Let’s not go into that…

Linda hosts Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Now a word about the Remington electric shaver. Gives you a close, comfortable shave, no matter how tender your skin, no matter how tough your beard!

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  1. When I hear everready I can’t help but think of the rabbit and the batteries. I still write on paper. It’s how I function. We all grasp on to whatever works and that’s aok.


  2. As I look at my pile of post-it notes scribbled upon randomly, I’m impressed you have so many options for note-taking. 🤣 The Remington razor commercial – what a hoot. Do you still have one of those (not the vintage one), but a newer version? Good luck with your hunt for note-taking software.


    1. I waste too much time on how and where I’m going to take notes, so I think I’ll go with what I have.

      I never used a Remington Shaver, and only used a Norelco briefly while I was in the hospital. I started out with Dad’s safety razor (since he wasn’t using it anymore) and started using the disposables when it got too hard to find the blades, then I went back to the safety razor when the disposables weren’t giving me a good shave, then I grew a beard…

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  3. John, I hate to ask again, but a while back I asked you about a late 50s or early 60s instrumental song titled “Midnight,” and you responded with the song I was looking for. But I can’t find what you sent me. May I ask you to send that to me again? Thanks.

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  4. I am still a pen and paper person. I have’t been able to get into using digital note taking, although I do have a “note” on my computers where I keep the links to all my personal urls so I can copy and paste them when I need to.

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    1. I started with the digital notes because it was too much of a hassle to write legibly well enough to be able to read. It works for me, though I miss writing with a pen.

      Why not just set up bookmarks?

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  5. Have you played with Trello? I use that for writing projects, including the series of novels. All the notes, characters, research, review lists, etc.

    I ran into a similar problem with Evernote, I used it for too many things.

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    1. I’ve played with Trello, and I still have an account there, but I’ve never found a use for it.

      Part of Evernote’s problem is its flexibility. Yu can use it for anything, which tempts you to use it for everything. Pretty soon you have an amorphous pile of stuff and can’t find a damn thing…

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