MMMM: Happy 30th Birthday, Robin’s Daughter!

Happy 30th Birthday to Robin’s daughter! Robin asked us all to find songs from the year we turned 30, which in my case was 1986. Since I don’t know songs from what year they were popular, I referred to the list of Billboard‘s Hot 100 for 1986, and took all the songs whose position ended in 5, i.e. 5, 15, 25 etc. Why 5? Why not? Actually, it was the one that gave me the most songs that I actually remembered. OK? OK!

  1. Mr. Mister, “Broken Wings” (#5)
  2. Pet Shop Boys, “West End Girld” (#15)
  3. The Human League, “Human” (#25)
  4. Madonna, “Live To Tell” (#35)
  5. Sly Fox, “Let’s Go All The Way” (#45)
  6. Sade, “The Sweetest Taboo” (#55)
  7. James Brown, “Living In America” (#65)
  8. Michael McDonald, “Sweet Freedom” (#75)
  9. Regina, “Baby Love” (#85)
  10. Force M. D.’s, “Tender Love” (#95)

Once again, happy 30th birthday, Robin’s daughter! That’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for July 11, 2022.

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23 thoughts on “MMMM: Happy 30th Birthday, Robin’s Daughter!

  1. Took me two days, but I finished your playlist. As it is many times, you featured a blend of favorites and new to me. The big surprise – Living in America only reached #65! Fun fact: when I was young, I didn’t like James Brown. This song was my entry into enjoying his music. No fireworks show is complete without this song. Other favorites: Broken Wings and West End Girls. Love the 80s! Alana ramblinwitham


  2. Music from the 80s ushers back good memories. We were all younger in those days, weren’t we? Fabulous playlist! I’m just going to continue listening while I catch up on other things. Thanks for joining the party. Have a boogietastic week, my friend!


  3. Great song and the 80s had lots of wonderful music.

    Happy Birthday to Becca.

    I love the cat and the cake. I laughed out loud. So catlike.

    Have a fabulous Mondays Music Moves Me and week. :)


  4. Happy Birthday to Robin! 1986 was a fun year but the 80s was my time to let loose and party. The only song I didn’t know was the 2nd last one but, otherwise, I knew them all. I can now laugh at some of the hair styles and fashion that was big back then. I turn 30 in 1994…I have to see what songs qere big back then.


    1. This was kind of the dividing line between good and not-so-good. As you moved into the ’90’s rap and hip-hop took over. There was still a lot of good music, though.


  5. Wow, it’s 1986, I’m living in that horrible little apartment in Brooklyn and loving it, and listening to these songs on Z100.

    I haven’t heard some of these songs since ‘86. Thanks for the memories


    1. Waiting for the baby to arrive… There’s something to be said for those crappy little places you lived in early on. (In our case, it was upstairs from my in-laws, and it wasn’t that crappy. The neighborhood was.)


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