Five For Friday: Leonid & Friends

I first wrote about Leonid Vorobyev and the Chicago tribute band he put together four years ago. At that time, I said that they sounded more like the band Chicago than the original: these were note-perfect arrangements which Leonid, a retired music professor and bass player from Russia, put together by ear. He assembled a group of musicians and singers to help him realize his dream of recording the music he loves, and it grew from there.

They’re finishing their third or fourth tour of the US, and have only gotten better and more confident. They’re now covering other bands, including Earth Wind & Fire, Rufus, Steely Dan, and Tower of Power, and recorded an original composition last year called "The Speck of Dust" that combines the band with a fairly large orchestra and a throat singer. So, here are five songs that they’ve recorded in the past year. Be prepared to be amazed.

  1. In The Stone (Earth Wind & Fire cover)
  2. So Very Hard To Go (Tower of Power cover)
  3. Ain’t Nobody (Rufus with Chaka Khan cover)
  4. Ain’t It Blue? (Chicago cover)
  5. My Old School (Steely Dan cover)

There are a ton of videos out there, including many from live performances, most of which have a list of the band members at the end.

Leonid & Friends, your Five For Friday, July 15, 2022.

3 thoughts on “Five For Friday: Leonid & Friends

  1. I love this band and am glad you showcased them here. I only learned about them from you and have seen them on 2 other blogs I follow


    1. They’ve really come into their own in the last couple of years. They’ve had a couple of personnel changes but the people who replaced them were every bit as good, better even.


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