All We Are Saying… #socs

Remember, not long after they married, John Lennon and Yoko Ono got into bed and promised not to get out until the war in Vietnam was over? They didn’t make it, but it was an interesting thought. They made the above video during that strike. The only other person I recognize is Tommy Smothers, who’s playing guitar with John on this.

Anyway, John and Yoko came up with all kinds of ways to make this a better world, and one was bagism, which was a way to end racial prejudoce by having everyone dress head to toe in a bag so you couldn’t see what color skin they had. An interesting idea, not that I think it would have worked. But their hearts were in the right place.

When I saw the prompt for this week was "bagged," that was the second thing I thought of. The first thing I thought of was my adolescent obsession with Teddy Roosevelt, but you see I had just written about him back in December. I imagined Teddy going on safari, exhorting everyone to "go bag some elephants!" So I decided that was a bit overkill.

Anyway, enjoy your day, and go bag some sunshine or whatever.

Linda is the host of Stream of Consciousness Satuday. Now a word about Post Crispy Critters cereal with pink elephants. The one and only cereal that comes in the shape of animals!

Trivia: Sheldon Leonard is the voice of Linus the Lionhearted.

24 thoughts on “All We Are Saying… #socs

  1. This was at a time when Yoko had a lot of Influence over John but John loved her thinking. Their beliefs were in the right place even though they never finished what they were going to do. I like this song even though it is soooo repetitive.
    The cereal commercial was funny but I have no memory of that cereal.
    As for bagged…I thought about how I felt after a night on the town.


  2. Oh, wow – I love how your brain finds such interesting connections. I vaguely remember their stay in bed until the war was over. And I never saw the elephant cereal. I did notice the HAIR Peace sign – wonder if cat hair counted too? 🤣


  3. Wearing a bag from head to toe ! It seems strange because the colour of the skin will always be there. But as you said their hearts were in the right place 🙂


      1. >>…”It was a gesture, anyway…”

        Today, we Constitutionally-minded conservatives refer to that as “virtue signaling”.

        Not much has changed with ‘that crowd’.

        ~ D-FensDogG


  4. Interesting video with John, Yoko, and friends. Thanks for pointing out Tommy Smothers. I always liked his silliness when I was a kid – maybe I picked up on his peace vibes. I just read that their father was, “Major Thomas B. Smothers, an army officer who died a POW in April 1945.” I think I saw Petula Clark toward the end of the video at around 4:26.


  5. My first thought was ‘bag an elephant’ too but it was the briefest thought & I went a completely direction because I had no idea if bagging an elephant even meant what I thought it meant. Good ole Teddy.


    1. I associate “bagging” with hunting for animals on safari, which is the kind of thing Teddy did. As most hunters were, he was an avid conservationist as well. I think he might have had something to do with the national parks, in fct…

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  6. Hi John great post ..the bagism never caught on because John and Yoko liked their expensive clothes …. And that applied to all their possessions. Yoko didn’t do John any favours and she split up the Beatles. #IMHO
    Have a lovely day too.💜

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    1. I will give Yoko credit for finding that tape with several songs on it and giving it to Paul, the one with “Free As A Bird” on it. That turned out to be one hell of a great song. Plus, Julian and Aunt Mimi both had nice things to say about Yoko, and Julian and Sean are close.

      I think Yoko had a lot to do with John’s attitude toward the end, but I don’t hold her totally responsible. Paul had a lot to do with the split as well, and George walking out after the umpteenth recording of “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” didn’t help matters. Yoko might have been the catalyst that brought out all the annoyances, rivalries, and grievances that built up over 10+ years of being with each other constantly. Just my opinion…


      1. Yes I agree John to all of that . Especially about Paul it’s true no one person is ever to blame , I guess it was a case of too much talent in the room…too much ego.
        The Rolling Stones got it right and their still crazy after sixty years.
        The Beatles were seminal and burned bright for a short time that they were together …. I think they just lost the will to go on 💜


        1. The main difference was that The Stones were always Mick and Keef. Brian Jones, Mick Taylor, Ron Wood, Bill Wyman, even Charlie Watts were all just role players supporting the Mick and Keef show. They’ll find a bassist and drummer the next time they go on tour (and you know they wil).


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