The Post-Bastille Day Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is sponsored by Crest toothpaste with fluoristan. Cuts cavities in half!

Programming Note: I decided at the last minute not to have a Battle of the Bands this round. Sorry, BotB fans. It will be back on Monday, August 1, so be there or be square.

I’ve agreed to do some writing for Songshine Sounds, and hope to get something out there this week. As if I don’t blog enough as it is, right?

It’s been hot and humid the last couple of weeks, so I don’t feel bad about not getting out of the house. According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the "dog days" of summer start July 3 and end August 11, corresponding to the rising of Sirius, the Dog Star. Sirius has nothing to do with the hot weather, it just sort of happens that way.

Speaking of Sirius, I started a three month free trial of Sirius/XM a couple of weeks ago. Personally, I’m a bit underwhelmed: I’m no fan of Howard Stern, and they seem to have a pretty narrow playlist on their stations. On the other hand, I signed up for Deezer, and while it’s pretty much the same as Spotify, they give a 25% discount for signing up for an annual subscription, and I like their sound quality a little better. The one place where Spotify might have them beat is with podcasts.

That’s what’s happening here. Time for…

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And that wraps up this edition of The Week That Was.

5 thoughts on “The Post-Bastille Day Week That Was

  1. I hate the dig days of summer. It’s very sticky today and supposed to be o er 30C without the humidity. I have to catch up as I went through a colonoscopy and it backfired ( there’s a joke in there somewhere). I have to do it again. Too much liquid to drink and I threw it up. So I must repeat but no 4l jug! No bubblegum favour either.
    Loved the commercial and makes me laugh because I always had cavities.


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