MMMM: Happy Birthday, Vince Guaraldi!

Dave over a A Sound Day did a tribute to one of my favorite jazz artists, Vince Guaraldi, on the occasion of his 94th birthday yesterday. Vince left this mortal coil in 1976, but left a catalog of music that runs the gamut from straight-ahead jazz, to bossa nova and Latin music, to covers of Beatles tunes. His 1989 Greatest Hits album was one of the first CD’s I bought many years ago. Here is that album, for your musical enjoyment.

  1. Cast Your Fate To The Wind
  2. Ginza Samba
  3. Mr. Lucky
  4. Treat Street
  5. I’m A Loser
  6. Days Of Wine and Roses
  7. Star Song
  8. Outra Vez
  9. Samba de Orpheus
  10. Manha de Carnaval
  11. Zelão
  12. Oh, Good Grief
  13. Linus and Lucy
  14. Christmastime Is Here

That’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for July 18, 2022.

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20 thoughts on “MMMM: Happy Birthday, Vince Guaraldi!

  1. I love his music I’ve heard other than the Peanuts….and of course I like them also. His music helped make the Peanuts The Peanuts.


    1. He did a lot of Latin and bossa nova music and did the standards (of course). He also covered a few Beatles’ tunes, most notably “Eleanor Rigby.” Great stuff…

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  2. Hi John! Vince Guaraldi is wonderful. I know him mostly from his Peanuts contributions! Linus and Lucy being my favourite! I listen to that soundtrack INCESSANTLY around Christmas lol! I love listening to soft jazz when I preparing dinner too!


    1. I’ve liked him for a very long time. He’s best known for the Peanuts music, but he did much more, Latin music and standards, and did a few Beatles tunes in there… His Greatest Hits album was the first I bought (1989), and there’s a little bt of everything on there. Enjoy!


  3. Wow, only in his 40’s. I had no idea how young he was when he died. I have to conclude, listening to your selections, that my favorites were the music I knew – Cast Your Fate to the Wind and the Charlie Brown selections. Not that any of these were bad. It’s soothing music that I needed today. Alana


  4. I did not know he died so young. He is like the person whom everyone knows that Charlie Brown music and love it but have no clue who the composer was. My brother loves him. Now I must backtrack as I was nothing good shape the last few days.


  5. When I think of Vince Guaraldi I think of the Charlie Brown animated films from my childhood. His music is always a delight for the ears. It has a bubbly quality that just makes me happy. Excellent playlist. I didn’t realize he passed in 1976. He was only 48 when he died. That’s not all that old by my standards. Thanks for sharing. Have a boogietastic week, my friend!


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