And What Can Your Dog Do? #1LinerWeds

Maybe a little over one line, but it was too good to pass up.

Linda runs One-Liner Wednesday. Now a word about Coppertone QT. It tans you anytime, rain or shine!

22 thoughts on “And What Can Your Dog Do? #1LinerWeds

  1. We used to have a spaniel who at kleenex and TP out of the trash can. Maybe he thought he was helping with clean up. I need to take a picture of my Marley on his bed which he has been eating.


      1. Ha! Ha! No. He actually tears the stuffing out of his dog bed but doesn’t really eat it. He tore up the cover, but as long as I have the bed wrapped in a sheet, he doesn’t try to take the stuffing out. The bed has gotten smaller as I sew it up. Eventually, I’ll buy another one.

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  2. I was wondering what the last would be and just fell over laughing! My best friend’s dog did this. Ours likes to grab anything that may have food on it…and he ate, gulp, poop. Yuck.
    Ahh yes, I dance like that when I used to put coppertone on me and banter in the sun like a pig. All one needs is an apple in my mouth. I recall this coppertone ad with a blonde gal in a bikini with a sharktooth belt around her hips. Shecwss tanned because of coppertone


    1. Dogs do that. I have no idea why. Remember Coppertone used to have an Indian (Native person) printed on the back of their bottles with the slogan “Don’t Be A Paleface”?


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