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I din’t know about you, but this would drive me crazy if I lived across the street and I had to look at it. I’d be trying to figure out how he did it, which would sort of ruin the whole thing because if everyone could do this, it wouldn’t be special. Kind of like seeing a magic act where you knew how all the tricks were done. Or watching a movie with someone that had seen it a hundred times and who knew when all the funny parts were coming up, and would sit and tell you what was going to happen next. I won’t tell the story, but suffice it to say I won’t be watching Planes, Trains, And Automobiles anytime soon.

Can you imagine what a Homeowners’ Association would say about something like this? I don’t live where there’s an HOA, thank heaven. I’d spend half my life giving them the finger. You want to see what a little power does to a person?

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  1. What’s an HOA? Pardon my blondeness:)).ughh never mind, I just reread and know the meaning. I feel kind of icky in the head today and looking at that home made my nausea spike up by 20. Why? Well, to ve different I guess. I wonder what it looks like inside. I would be giving them the finger right along with you. People love power.
    I hope you do see Planes, Trains. It’s really quite good and there are many small gems in the film, that pass by you the first time. Never mind what you know just turn it on and enjoy…unless you hate Steve Martin.


    1. I don’t mind Steve Martin and love John Candy, and from what I remember there were some very funny scenes, particularly the scene at the car rental counter with Edie McClurg. The movie just stirs up some bad memories.


  2. Yikes! When we lived in Jacksonville, our next-door neighbor built a huge addition on the back and side of his house and had a huge tree placed in the middle of it. It was a monstrosity and all the neighbors complained. The HOA did nothing about it. I was glad when we moved.

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