Song of the Day: Henry Mancini, “The Pink Panther Theme”

Tenor saxophonist Plas Johnson was born on this day in 1931. He recorded a number of hard bop and soul-jazz albums as a bandleader. As a session performer, he worked with many jazz and rock acts, including Henry Mancini, for whom he played on "The Pink Panther Theme." The video I wanted to use here has to be played on YouTube, so here’s a substitute. Go on over to YouTube and see Plas with Henry Mancini and the Terry Gibbs Orchestra.

13 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Henry Mancini, “The Pink Panther Theme”

    1. When we were kids and Dad was still alive, we’d go to Delavan, Wisconsin on vacation, and on the last night we’d go to the movies. They would always show a cartoon after the movie, and one time it was a Pink Panther cartoon, and we laughed ourselves sick at it. (Another time it was Chilly Willy, and the effect was the same.)


  1. Great choice John. Always loved the theme. The Pink Panther has a special memory for me as I won a stuffed one at the fair and gave it to a three year foster girl staying with my brother who had no toys of her own. It was taller than she was and she took it everywhere.


  2. When Bailey was around 3 in 2003 I purchased the Pink Panther cartoon set…he grew up with these and what caught his attention was the music at first…


  3. Thanks John – that was fun … but I really enjoyed your suggestion of the youtube link of ‘Plas with Henry Mancini and the Terry Gibbs Orchestra’ … a great listen. Thank you – cheers Hilary


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