We Are Writing #socs

We are writing because that’s what we do on Saturdays, or for that matter any other day of the week. Today it’s Stream of Consciousness writing, tomorrow it might be an essay or a slice-of-life post, or maybe a chapter or part of a chapter of that book we’ve been working on, or hey, haiku or poetry or whatever. We’re writers, that’s what we do. We choose to do it because it completes something inside us, puts money in our pockets, or maybe it’s just "somethin’ to do," as a friend of mine once put it.

For me, it gives me a purpose, now that I’m retired. Otherwise, what is there? a lot of surfing the web for no other reason that it’s there, I have a good connection, and there’s interesting stuff. The writing, though, gives me something to do with all that stuff I find online. Sound about right?

That’s all from me for now…

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18 thoughts on “We Are Writing #socs

  1. Happy writing – the more often you write, the easier it is to write. When I went down to once a week from once a day, I feel the difference. Your commitment to finding interesting things to share and the follow-through of doing so is impressive!


  2. Writing ✍️ definitely completes something inside me. It started as something to do to fill my empty nest 🪹. But my nest 🪺 is full again & I’m still going. Releasing the hounds !!! 🤩

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