Share Your World for July 25, 2022

It’s Monday!

What mythical creature would improve the world most if it existed? GODZILLA!

Should the death penalty be re-instated? Why or why not? Only for megalomaniac billionaires.

“You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy,” my ass…

Spontaneity Or Stability? A little of both.

Can a dog/cat suffer? What about an ant? What about a plant? What about a bacteria cell? Why do some humans think we’re the only species that does suffer? Your thoughts? Dogs and cats for certain. Ants? I’m not sure. Plants show signs of suffering, bacteria do not. As for why humans think we’re the only species that suffers, probably because they’ve never had a cat or dog.

What are two things that have brightened your day today? One is the many nice comments I’ve received (thank you!). The other is answering the first question…

15 thoughts on “Share Your World for July 25, 2022

  1. Thanks for Sharing Your World, John! Amazing GIFs and the one with the lion cub is soooo sweet! Godzilla to stamp out stupidity wherever he encounters it? Great idea! And wonderful choice for getting rid of a few meglomaniac billionaires! I hope you’re staying cool and are well! Have a great week!


    1. It’s as though all of these ultrawealthy sociopaths have all crawled out from under the rocks they had been hiding under at once. They’re trying to work it so that they live in these opulent mansions while we get crowded into the cities and live on top of each other, they dine on wagyu beef while we eat bugs, and they fly around in their private jets while we get packed into electric buses and trains. Utopia for them, dystopia for us unwashed masses….


  2. Great answers and love Godzilla. I’d love to see Pegasus but Elon Musk( am I wrong or did he just step out of Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum) would buy him. We like to kill to easily. How can one not believe animals feel. You’re right, they never owned an animal.
    You are right…we need both s’s.
    I believe thatvtge death penalty should be in but…but only for serial killers or other evil beings where they literally find the bodies in the basement. You can’t go by circumstantial evidence. The poor black people would never have a chance! In certain states if they sneeze wrong they could go to prison. Oh and no waiting for 10 or 2p yrs….a week tops. Look at Charles Manson… he was scum but kept alive until he died of natural causes.
    On a fun note, my cat licked my this morning and my doggie came and just place his head on my shoulder…so nice


    1. Same thing was true of Richard Speck, who never made any bones about the fact that he killed those nursing students, and John Gacy, who liked to kill young men and bury them in his basement. Both were the result of Illinois stopping the death penalty. Gacy eventually got the needle (they reinstated the death penalty for him after they switched to lethal injection; he had been scheduled to go to the electric chair). Speck, on the other hand, had his sentence commuted, grew a pair of “prison boobs,” spent the rest of his miserable existence servicing the other prisoners, and died of a heart attack.


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