Truthful Tuesday: It’s All About You-Know-What

Today, Melanie asks this hard-hitting question, ripped from the headlines!

Is there too much emphasis on having the ‘whitest brightest smile”?

She asks a second question as well:

Is that a mainly American thing or has it caught on globally?

I’ll be honest, I haven’t a clue on the second question, so I’ll pass on that, but here’s what I think about the first…

Humans, men and women alike, are no different from animals in this regard: They need food, water, and shelter to survive. Anything else they want (whiter teeth, fresher breath, nice physique, good looks, success in business, a university degree etc.) is all about one thing: attracting a partner to mate with.

Oh, sure, we might talk about finding a soulmate, a person who loves us as much as we love them, one whose ideals and values are the same as ours, blah blah blah, but the truth is, we have one thing in mind: procreation. Down in the monkey brain, we’re all looking for someone to make babies with. It’s the way we’re programmed.

Part of that is your teeth. Sparkling white teeth say you’re young and healthy, and it’s actually pretty easy to achieve sparkling white teeth. There are lots of different products on the market, some of which might work better than others.

So, I don’t think that there’s too much emphasis on the "whitest, brightest smile."

7 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday: It’s All About You-Know-What

  1. Teeth are important…more than we realize because it cam tell us when we are having a heart attack, dementia plus do much more. I agree with you about the basic DNA that is in us. I was on a dating site many moons ago and met with a man at the local Tom Hortons. He used am old photo of himself because he was larger and…he had no teeth! Sorry but no! I think we are wanting bright teeth in this North American world. Have you noticed that all the stars have the same teeth now? There are no true canines the teeth are too perfect. It’s just weird


    1. Not taking care of your teeth is courting heart disease, from what I understand. I had an elderly aunt whose teeth were in very bad shape, and finally the doctor told her to get dentures because her teeth were going to kill her.

      I can’t understand why some people misrepresent themselves on dating sites. Do they not get that potential dates will see what they really look like eventually?


  2. I know us Brits are mocked for our terrible teeth – which we really haven’t had for more than a century now – but it is very obvious to us when a few of our celebrities over-do the whitening. And there is gentle mocking to be had.


    1. That was a joke in “Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery.” At the end of the movie, he has these shiny white teeth rather than the crooked and stained ones he had at the beginning. Personally, all the British people I know have very good teeth.

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    1. We’re animals, I tell ya! Total animals!

      I almost included this scene from Crazy People… pay special attention to what transpires starting at 0:59…


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