Song of the Day: Vinnie Bell, “Airport Love Theme”

The late session guitarist Vinnie Bell was born on this day in 1932. He was famous for the "watery" sound he used on his records, such as 1970’s "Airport Love Theme," which he took to #3 on the Adult Contemporary chart. He also designed guitars for the Danelectro company, including the "Belizouki" 12-string guitar and the electric sitar.

7 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Vinnie Bell, “Airport Love Theme”

  1. Airport is my favorite movie of all time, and the book holds that honor among books. The love theme, not so much. I think that twangy instrument is pronouncing “TWA”, with the “a” being short, like “apple”. “Twah, twah, twah, twaaaaahhhhh”. The main theme is much better, I think.

    My favorite airplane movie theme is Theme from The High And The Mighty


    1. He did a whoie album like that. Mom had it. So you bought the DVD of Airport? I read the book, which was tremendous. He set it at a fictional airport that was modeled on O’Hare in Chicago. Hailey was a good writer; I’ve read several of his books (Airport, Hotel, which was the basis for the TV show with James Brolin and Connie Selecca, and The Evening News). Real period pieces now, but good stories told well.


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