#1LinerWeds: I’m Bushed…

I think you all will agree…

Linda hosts One-Liner Wednesday every week. Now a word about Hai Karate aftershave. Be careful how you use ir!

20 thoughts on “#1LinerWeds: I’m Bushed…

  1. Tired is my middle name. We talk about being tired and the weather. Love that commercial but my hubby would not be fighting off the women.


  2. I’m glad I’m not alone in this. I seem to be constantly saying, “Why am I so dang tired?!” Recently read that dehydration can make you tired. Nothing else makes sense, besides age or some illness I don’t want to know about. Must be dehydration! That’s something I can work on, but it will require more bathroom breaks.


    1. I’ve gotten into the habit of drinking a big glass of water whenever I’m in the bathroom. Sounds counterintuitive, but it’s a way that I can remember to do it. I find that having a glass of water at bedtime helps me sleep….

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        1. That’s the idea: drink water when you’re near it. They say eight 8-oz glasses of water a day is sufficient; my feeling is drink as much as you can. I try and drink about a gallon, which is just twice the recommended amount.

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  3. Ha! I remember when this first came out. My Dad stood in the middle of Woolworths having splashed a fair sample all over and announced
    ‘Come on girls! Come and get me!’
    His spirits were slightly dampened when the only takers he had were Sis and I joining in the joke.


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