Writers Workshop: Yuk…

For a while, I took a notion against two things that I actually love now: pork chops and spaghetti. I don’t know why; it might have had something to do with Dad dying or me just going through an ornery period in my life (i.e. adolescence), but I decided I didn’t want them.

Pork chops almost made sense, because Mom learned a new way to make them: she’d partially fry them, start making Betty Crocker scalloped potatoes, then put the pork chops in the scalloped potatoes and bake them. It actually sounds pretty good now, but it impressed us (mostly me) as being a little gross.

I also went through a period where I would not, under any circumstances, eat spaghetti. Mom would have to make me a hamburger, because I didn’t want spaghetti. Mom put up with it for a while, then I was given a choice: eat it or go hungry. I got over my aversion to it pretty quickly.

Oh yeah: Who can imagine ribs without barbecue sauce? Me, that’s who.

10 thoughts on “Writers Workshop: Yuk…

  1. The barbecue sauce is the best part!! And I don’t want to imagine a life without spaghetti. Pork chops I could happily avoid because while I think they’re plenty tasty, I do like pigs too much. They’re very smart. I only want to eat stupid animals. And no babies! I’ll pass on the lamb and veal.

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    1. I haven’t had lamb since Mom died. We had leg o’ lamb on Easter and a couple of other times a year. We don’t see it in the stores here.


  2. It’s rare to know someone who didn’t like spaghetti. I don’t mind it but it’s not a big deal. I have to admit, the pork chops in the scalloped potatoes does sound gross. I dont like stew because the potatoes soak up the meat juices and the meat tastes like the potatoes..yuck. to this day I hate…Hate sausage. I think i wrote before about the…sausage incident when I wad a kid and my mom was determined to make me taste the sausage. It was a battle but…I won.

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  3. Oh man, my mom paired scalloped potatoes with everything! I was not fond of them. And I went through a very long phase where I too did not want spaghetti. Probably from 8th grade until, well, recently. I began eating it to be nice when we’d visit my parents because my kids always wanted it. I’d make it at home but never partake. I love lasagna, so it makes no sense at all, but so be it! I will eat it now but it is not my favorite and honestly, Italian red sauce dishes are just not my favorite.

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